Neglected but not forgotten.


I know I have not been looking after my blog properly this year, but with all that has been going on, it hasnt been the highest of priorities.

Hopefully everyone is getting back on an, even keel and I will be more able to find time to sit quietly and write more waffle more regularly sgain.

I have a check up about my throat on Thursday,  and hopefully they will sort out my numb ear as thats the most unpleasant part of the aftermarth of my op.

Both boys have been really unwell on and off over the past few weeks with a mixture of sickness, diarrhoea,  and chest infections.      They do both seem well now, or have I tempted fate by saying that?

Hubby, has also had hismshare of being unwell, so hasn’t been up to much – he is actually in bed today after a night of being sick.

The boys are on half term holidays at the moment, but are back to school on Thursday,  so wemwill have a busy few days.

D goes into hospital on the 23rd of the month for the operation on his knees.    He is wound up by the whole prospect which is totally understandable.     We just have to keep him well, and uninjured for another week so as to ensure we make it to hospital!

So I havent been ignoring you for no good reason!


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  1. It’s been a difficult year for you, so quite understand why you haven’t been here. Sending all best wishes and hoping that you all have a speedy recovery.

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