Poorly revolving door.


This household seems to have been a constant amount of poorly people this week.    Just as I was feeling I was getting back on an even keel, it seems everyone else has decided it is their turn to be unwell.     I am not sure if maybe the two things are related, but it is a strong possibility!

Monday saw Hubby having a day off work because of staying up most of the night watching the Superbowl.     It was a planned day, but with him in bed half the day, it made it hard for me to get on with things.

Monday, M came home from school with a very sore leg.     There had been an accident while in gym, which ended up with half a dozen kids landing on top of him.     It actually took a while to gain this information despite a child being hurt in class, nothing came from the school to say what had happened.    Other than this, he seemed in a very jolly mood.     At bedtime, he settled no problem.    Then half an hour later he was up again, and kicked me out of the bathroom.     He was being sick.     There had been no sign that this would happen, so it was obviously a poorly tummy, and a sad little face told me he didn’t feel too well.      The 48 hour rule meant he would be off school for 2 days.

Tuesday morning arrived and M was floppy after his sickness the night before.    Hubby was also unwell.   He had the start of a migraine.    It actually made the first school run in almost a month a lot easier, just having to take one boy up the road!      It wore me out, but after I have done it a few days, I am sure it will get easier!    M just had a quiet day just watching telly and letting his body recover.    D came home from school with a cough, but seemed to be ok.   Hubby was feeling better as the day progressed

 so by the evening was feeling fine again.

Wednesday morning arrived, and M was feeling better, but was still off school because of the 48 hour rule.      Hubby went back to work.       It was hard work with M feeling back to full speed but we got through the day!      D though really didn’t look too well when he got home from school.    He had a hacking cough and a rising temperature.     The final realisation that he wasnt feeling himself was when he didn’t want his tea, and wanted an early night.

Hubby and I made the decision to keep him home from school the next day.    This close to his op, the last thing we want is for him to become really unwell and have it postponed.

Thursday arrived and D was woken by M crashing about.    He didn’t argue about staying home from school, which was another sign he wasnt well!      D though hasn’t worked out that the best thing when you don’t feel well, is to take it easy.    He still goes at everything at full speed, despite his body not being able to keep up with himself!       His cough got worse, and his voice was fading very quickly but he still didn’t shut up.      He seemed to perk up a little as the day progressed, but by the evening, he could barely talk and was coughing so much that I thought he might be sick, but luckily he wasn’t!

Friday saw D thinking he was having a day off school and could do things just for the fun of it, but again his body was letting him down.     He ended up in total meltdown by midafternoon as he was getting very angry with himself for not being capable of achieving what he wanted to be doing.    He just doesn’t know how to let himself rest.    It just isn’t in his nature to take it easy, as he wants and needs constant stimulation to be happy, without it he is lost and angry.

Saturday saw him a little happier and Hubby managed to persuade him to take it easy by listening to the football on the radio, and then watching Star Wars with him.     He was determined he was going to get better by Sunday because of going to the cinema to watch The Lego Movie.

Sunday came and despite still being voiceless, he was up for going out.     The movie was brilliant and both boys were captivated by it.    Highly recommended to adults as well as kids!   Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut, feeling both boys needed a special treat after the week they had just had.    In hindsight it was definitely too much for D.    He sat there eating while focusing no further than the end of his nose.     It was obviously hard work for him     When we got home, he went upstairs to watch telly in bed – not like him!

Hubby and I decided it was probably worth getting him to the doctors tomorrow.    With his history of chest infections, it really isn’t worth letting him go on like this with his op just two weeks away.     Hubby will ring in the morning and hopefully we can get him to see someone in the morning.

School breaks up on Wednesday for the midterm break – they have two days off this week, and three next, so at least he will have a few days to let himself not feel bad about missing school, as I am sure that doesn’t aid his recovery having to worry about what he might be missing.

Hopefully tomorrow the doctor will say he just has a bad cold and it just needs time to get through his system, but if it is on his chest, then usually a few days of antibiotics clears it up.     My priority just now is having him healthy by the 24th as if his op get postponed I am not sure how he will handle that mentally.   Fingers crossed it wont come to that!

One positive is that I am feeling much better, but still not quite full speed!


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