Lego Pressure


The World of Neil

What child doesn’t love Lego? When I was a kid, naturally I had Lego – the regular building block ones. They were all the Lego we needed. Now there are some pretty amazing kits available to kids (and older kids!) that look fantastic although they don’t leave too much to the imagination – that doesn’t mean I don’t want the Lego Millenium Falcon anymore!

The boys love it though – Daniel in particular is happy to create something with Lego out of his imagination. Its what Lego is all about, and it still retains that magic. The tie-up with Star Wars though really fires Daniel – and myself of course. Usually I’m resistant to watching/playing anything that’s even a slight parody of the Star Wars I love. But with Lego its different. They’ve taken a great concept and made it fun. We’ve got Lego Star Wars (the Complete Saga) for…

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