Road to Recovery.


Before I bore everyone to death with these tales of my operation, I am hoping this will be the last up date on the matter.

During the week from the second discharge from hospital, I decided I needed the right mental attitude to make myself eat and to get back to normal.     I wasn’t going to be a slave to this.    Unfortunately my body and mind weren’t quite in agreement with this scenario!      I was tired, so very tired.    I put the washing on, and felt so light-headed I had to sit down for a couple of hours to get myself back on an even keel.     I put it down to the drugs I had been given and thought they would soon be out of my system and I would be alright.  

My throat was now only like a scratchy sore throat, no real pain, so I wasn’t taking any thing for it.    I was however getting really bad headaches and terrible acid reflux which my usual stomach medication wasn’t touching.

Hubby took charge and said he would phone the doctors and get me an appointment, just to be checked out.     I hate going to the GP but I had to agree with him that this wasn’t a sensible way to go on.

Yesterday, I had the appointment.    Luckily it was with the doctor who I had seen a lot of recently as he had been the one who had instigated all the heart test I had a while back.

When I described my symptoms to him, the first thing he said was that having your tonsils removed is something that doesn’t get taken seriously enough in adults as it is something associated with children, where in fact it is a very serious operation because of where it is.    He made this point twice more during the consultation.     I am not sure if I was being told off or not by this, but I did feel vindicated for not having felt like doing anything!

He gave me a good going over.    He said my throat looked like it was healing well.    My temperature though was bordering high, and with my numb ears, he concluded I had had a secondary infection which was why I had felt knocked out all week.    He did however think I was over the worst of it, and just had to ride it out.      He did tell me though that if I didn’t feel I had the strength for doing things then don’t!    I was told to take it easy again – I am getting bored with taking it easy, and I think I am turning into a professional Hay Day player!     He was however concerned about my stomach.    I joked about it being good for the diet – I have lost over 1/2 stone since all this started.    He was worried that the medication I had been given had caused problems, as it can even for people without a history of acid.    He said in hindsight, I should have been advised to up my regular medication so as to protect my stomach. – hindsight is a great thing I always find!!!     He said I needed to take my regular tablets twice a day, and he also added in another pill which I have previously had when the acid has been bad.    I am to do this for 2 -3 weeks in the hopes that it calms it down.   I am just hoping I can sit and eat a meal without feeling like if I eat it I will feel sick, and if I don’t eat it I will feel the acid burn!

So things are definitely improving it seems.    I just have to accept my body needs time to get over the operation, and then I will be back to full strength.    I must say that even though I understood I was have an operation that involved a general anesthetic, I never expected it to be this bad.    I was thinking I would be out of it for a few days, and then back to full speed.   The pre-op care and assessments only concentrate on the potential pain in the throat, and not what all the medication can do to your whole system.   It just goes to show that maybe planning for the worst is a better option, although we hope for the best!       Mean while I will keep taking my multi vitamins in a hope they give my body a little boost, which will allow it to fight the bugs and get me well!


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