Our Mixed Up Aspie


The World of Neil

Most will know about the last 2 – 3 weeks we’ve had. Its really taking a toll on Daniel it seems. He’s held it together as best he can although he’s worried about him mum. He is used to Jane being constantly on the go, and seeing her in bed each day recovering from her tonsillectomy has been difficult for him. Once he worked out that she was home for good this week, he’s been “challenging” at bedtimes. I admit that I don’t handle that at all. Not even at all well, just not at all. I still react to him, and before you know it, all I’m doing is fuelling his behaviour, and its not fair on him at all. Its something I need to work on without delay for his good, as well as mine.

Last night he brought up Justin Fletcher’s Nursery Rhyme dvd – possibly a…

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