Road to recovery.


I spent all of yesterday in bed.    I am not good at being ill, and I don’t like showing the venerable side of myself.      Hubbys Mum came over to see how I was, which I thought was really nice of her, but I just couldn’t face the idea of putting on a brave face.

I am trying to 

eat as they have told me to, but it is so painful and I am having to force myself.    I am dehydrated so getting fluids into me is a priority, but with swallowing getting tears flowing, it isn’t much fun.


Unless I am swallowing, I am not in much pain.     I do have earache, which I was told to expect but it is more of a fuzzy head earache than real pain.    My jaw hurts as does a couple of nasty grazes in the corner of my mouth from where my mouth was tied open to perform the operation.   It looks like I have really terrible cold sores.

The one thing I wasnt expecting was the copious amounts of phlegm I’m coughing up – it’s really not nice, and I am not sure if it should be happening or not, but it is!    There is no blood in it, so I am sure it is a good sign!

The drugs are working when in my system, but I am sleeping well, so they are out of my body by morning, so I have to get them built back up so they kick in again.    I have developed a great system to make sure I take them on time.    I have three tablets all to be taken at different times, so I have put a post-it note on each box, and once I have taken the pill, write the time the next one is due.    Remarkably simple but works perfectly!     When I am fully topped up with the medicines is when I am trying to eat and drink as I am only gagging slightly then rather than totally!

The boys are being brilliant.    M has been with me a lot wanting so many cuddles.    He has even taken kisses which is so out of character.     They are even getting on  better with each other which is great to see, but I am not holding out hope once I’m better.     M keeps making me cups of coffee – it is a great life skill he has how to use the coffee machine.    Surprisingly cold coffee is going down better than anything, I don’t know why but if it works why question it?

In myself I feel fine, other than tired.    My pain is very localised, and they did warn me it will get worse before it gets better.

Hubby has been brilliant, running around after the boys.    It made me laugh yesterday when he told me he now realises how hard I work in the house, as he lists off that he has done the washing, emptied the dishwasher, and fed everyone.    Well, feeding everyone has consisted of takeaway, or bacon butties, but nobody seems to be complaining!

Then yesterday evening Hubby got a nosebleed, something I’ve  never known him have before.    After a while it stopped but in the early hours it started again, and so he took himself off to A&E as he was worried by the amount of blood.    He he tells his evenings entertainment –

I just lay in bed glued to my phone hoping to hear from him, as the idea of him driving after loosing blood was worrying enough without the thought of going about in the early hour of Sunday morning when there are so many idiots heading home from their nights out.    I finally heard from him about 5am, and he said they were doing tests as his BP was through the roof.      I was totally cried out but when he got home just after 6am I just held him tight.     I couldn’t stop myself with an I told you so, as I am always telling him he is like a springed coil which explodes regularly.   I have lost track of the times I have said he should go to the GP about his way of handling stress.   I hope he takes this seriously and makes the decision to do something to reduce his BP, as we need him around for many years to come!

He will go to the doctors on Monday even if I have to drag him.    Now somebody else has told him to deal with it, I hope he does.

There is never a dull moment in this house!


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