Tonsils gone!


I had a restless night, but managed to get some sleep – the blessings of a private room and not listening to everyone else snoring.

About 7am I was delivered a jug of water and a towel, and then my lights were clicked on. Took my eyes a moment to adjust – a rule in our house is we say mind your eyes before you switch them on. The nurse grunted at me that it was morning. I was left to myself for a couple of hours before my bed was readied for going to theatre. I was told I was to get some paracetamol at midday – but to remind them if they forgot!

I spent the morning with my tablet until the battery died – I hadn’t taken the charger as I hadn’t expected to be hanging about so much. My phone then went the same way. I was left to stare out the window and that wasn’t very exciting but I did see a clock in a room in the next block which allowed me to ask for my drugs – there was no clock in my room.

They didn’t arrive until almost one when I got told off for not having them on time! Well firstly I did ask for them and secondly is it my responsibility to track my drug chart when in hospital?

I was told at this time to get changed into the theatre gown. And within seconds I was off!

The nurse that took me to theatre is married to a man from Basingstoke, my home town. We therefore talked about how much it had changed over the years.

I was then moved onto another trolley and taken in to be knocked out.

Next thing I know I am feeling like I want to go to sleep and I’m being told its all over and done with! I felt very dopey – in fact much more than usual!

By the time I got back to the ward I was more with it. Then a lovely surprise, Hubby came in with the boys. M looked really upset but I believe that was the oxygen mask which was soon removed. He then sat at the end of the bed just stroking my feet. D wanted hugs! Then once he was sure I was ok he went exploring, needing to know what made the bed go up and down and what all the knobs and buttons did in the room. When the nurse came in to do my obs he was fascinated by the BP machine!

Hubby then took them home and said he would return about 7pm – the time we were told a decision would be made about releasing me.

I felt really good. I know it was the drugs but I felt well, just tired and a little light headed.

I drank a lot of water and was given a meal of gammon with potatoes and broccoli which I managed to pick at but swallowing was so difficult I only had a mouthful of each component. Then it was pudding – ginger sponge and custard. My favourite! I took it very slowly, with gulps of water after each mouthful to help it down, and I managed to eat it – it was lovely!

It is an old myth that you eat jelly and ice cream after having your tonsils removed. Instead they want you to eat normal food as much as possible so as to sloth the wound to keep it clean. I can see the sense of it but it is such hard work! But I will do my best as I don’t want secondary bleeding by getting it infected.

After I had eaten I was told to get dressed and go to the loo. I was happy to do both. But my head was very dizzy and I felt very light headed!

I was then given some paracetamol. The student nurse gave me liquid paracetamol, and then the proper nurse gave me a row for not taking pills! I wasn’t feeling up for an argument with him about I was just taking what I was given. I just hope the student didn’t get into too much trouble.

I went for a wander about while I waited for Hubby. My head was spinning but I was still feeling fine. I was actually surprised how well I felt.

The heat in the ward was getting worse so I moved to the day room which had a little more air circulating. Hubby joined me there and we waited.

The nurse came and did my obs and my temperature was up so they were worried I had an infection. He went to find the doctor to see what he thought. I was advised they would check it again in an hour and then a decision would be made.

That was a very long hour. All I could think about was how M would cope if I didn’t get home ans Hubby said he had a really bad night the night before. He still suffers separation anxiety at a frightening level.

When they did it again, it was up a little more. When the nurse said I wouldn’t be going home I just burst into tears which meant my BP was up when she did it! She went to get the sister who asked me how I was feeling, and I honestly felt fine other than a light head. She thought the heat in the ward could be the problem as I showed no other signs of being unwell. I was to be released on the understanding that if I felt ill I would phone them. It was a relief. The fact they were so short of beds might have had something to do with her decision.

As soon as I had my letter for the GP and my drugs I was out of there before they changed their minds.

When I got home, M burst into tears and D just threw himself at me. I went straight upstairs and we all had the biggest cuddles ever.

I wouldn’t recommend the level of care I received during my stay as the staff on the ward all seemed overly stretched all of them time. The ward was very clean, and the food was of a good quality.

I’m glad its now all over and I just have to get through the healing process which I’m told can take weeks with the pain getting worse before it gets better. I think I can cope with the pain as I know it will the last really bad sore throat I get!


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