Today is the day!


The day has finally arrived to go to hospital to have my tonsils removed.

I am nervous, but also slightly excited.   Does that make me a strange person?   Well, yeah, but that’s not something new!     I think after all these years of suffering with horrific sore throats the thought of having that no more its going to be a blessing.

I have managed to avoid all the germs flying around recently and therefore am confident they wont have that excuse for not performing the op.    I am still not counting my chickens about it taking place though, as when I was due to have my gallbladder removed, I was going through the admittance process when they decided I was 1, yes one pound too heavy to do it!   If they had mentioned there was a cut of point for my weight before hand, I would have definitely made sure I was below it to start with, but they didn’t, so I am put in the place to conclude that they needed to lose somebody from the list that day and muggins was the easy target!      I will therefore not assume it is to happen until I am given the anesthetic!

The lack of information given to me to prepare for this is amazing.   I received a letter telling me when and where, but nothing more.      I was told at my pre-assessment I might have to have an overnight because of my stomach medication, so I will assume I need an overnight bag – just in case.     As I am having a general anesthetic, I will need to fast, but no information given about when to do this from, so I am erring on the side of caution, and therefore thinking 8 hours, so other than water to take my pills this morning am going without.     I am therefore organised.

Luckily M is off school.   I know this sounds silly but him being sent home for being sick on Monday, gives him 48 hours off to recover.     As he was so anxious last time I was in hospital, it is probably for the best he is home today rather than being disruptive to everyone in class.    He is still not 100% anyway.

D gave me big cuddles this morning, and was a little quiet, but I think he is ok about it.    He will walk home after school with his friends and their Grandma that we normally walk with, and she will drop him home as they go past.   This will mean Hubby doesn’t have to rush home from dropping me off, and gives him time to find out what is going on.

I have purposely not researched online about the op because of the negative feedback I was being given by the staff at my pre-op was making it sound scary enough without other people’s bad experiences to add to it.    I did however give in last night as I did need to check what I needed to do today.     I was shocked to read that I would be unfit for duty for probably 2 weeks, and that employed people are given a doctors note for 2-3 weeks!     I was imagining getting back to things within a week!      I read also to avoid people for at least a couple of weeks so as not to introduce secondary infections.   Now I do like the sounds of hibernating for a while!     I am a little concerned about not being able to speak for a while, and will have to get a notepad and pen to shout at people!

I have got all the household jobs up to date, and given Hubby a list of daily jobs that need doing that he probably never notices I do!

I am hoping a restricted diet for a couple of weeks will be good when I next stand on the scales!    I always have to look for a silver lining in all situations!

For the next few hours though I am going to have to make sure I don’t let myself get wound up about it.



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  1. best of luck and be careful afterwards. One of the draw backs to getting it done.. is it’s so much easier to get respiratory illnesses. But that’s the trade off for not having tonsils that swell up like golf balls.

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