The waiting game


Hubby drove me to the hospital this afternoon. We left ourselves plenty of time because parking is always a nightmare with a car park about half the size it actually needs to be. Luckily Hubbys office is next to the hospital complex so we parked there and wandered down the road.

We had to follow to the pink area of the hospital, and it is really well signed. It was then a lift to the 5th floor.

I presented my letter and was told I wasn’t in the ward indicated but another on the floor and was pointed to the nurses station. Here I was met by a rather abrasive nurse who pointed me at the day room and told me she didn’t know when there would be a bed for me!

Hubby and I sat and waited.

Soon someone in green smock and trousers arrived. He didn’t introduce himself but by his questions I assumed he was the anaesthetist. He barked at me about my blood pressure and I explained all the tests I’d been through only for my GP to conclude my heart was healthy. He then went on and on about my weight, telling me it would be easier if I was the other side of 40 and slim! This man was not happy! He ummed and arred before saying he would still do it sometime tomorrow because he was very busy! Now correct me if I’m wrong but is that not his job to do it and the bit of paper he was waving about showed me as #5 on his list. Anyway he went. I felt like he was looking for an excuse to send me away.

Hubby and I then waited.

About an hour later a young registrar arrives. He queries why I am there the day before. I explain I had been told there maybe an overnight because of my meds and BP, but was only guessing as nobody had told me and I had attended as my letter told me. He then asks me to open my mouth before asking if I definitely want it done because of the pain afterwards! I reassure him I do want the op and he leaves.

Hubby and I then wait.

By now its getting on to 4pm. We know my op will be tomorrow so I tell Hubby to go home and be with my babies. He reluctantly goes.

I then wait.

The room has the TV on BBC1 and I can’t believe the constant mindless drivel being screened – terrible quiz shows, antiques shows and property finding shows. My mind was getting numb as is my bum from sitting still.

Then another anaesthetist arrives and actually talks me through what will happen and he makes notes and more importantly reads my notes regarding all the tests I had regarding my BP. He seems happy to accept it is the stress of attending hospital that affects me and will monitor it accordingly. A much nicer man than the first I met!

And then I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I could hear tea being served but nobody came. I was offered a cup of tea by the lady with the big teapot!

By the time it got to 6pm I gave up and went and asked what was going on. The nurse I spoke to bit my head off for daring to think I had been forgotten! I slunk back to the dayroom.

And waited some more!

About 7pm a young male nurse took me through to a side ward and another nurse then did my paperwork, again asking why I was in the night before the op! My BP was taken and it was OK so maybe that was the point of me sitting for so long. They were both very friendly and I was then left.

There has been no offer of anything to eat and I hadn’t seen a living soul since. It is actually a little surreal being in hospital and not being constantly disturbed. I have my tablet for something to do and Hubby has been up dating me on the boys so I’m in the loop.

It is now just gone 10pm and I have been offered a slice of toast – 24 hours after I last ate. Well, it might not have been hot, and it may have been over cooked, but it tasted perfect! That should at least stop me having acid reflux in the morning!

So to try and sleep in this sweltering heat. I’m sure I will manage as I’m shattered from doing nothing all day!

Sweet dreams my lovelies xx


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  1. Wondering how it is with you today?

    Hope no news is good news and it has all gone smoothly…

    You are being very sanguine in the face of much provocation. Hope you get some good karma in return.

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