Let There Be Light Again


The World of Neil

How often do we take mundane everyday things for granted, only to miss them like crazy when they’re gone? Just before Christmas, Jane noticed the lights in the living room then kitchen flickering. When had the tree up, and the lights on that, and too spot lamps working off the sockets were enough – and the rest of the house lights were working fine, with no interruption. The next morning when I was working from home, I switched on the living room lights when I went down in the morning – or at least tried to. Nothing. I just assumed it was the fuse that had gone. No problem then, just change the fuse. Then unexpectedly, Jane’s mum clicked them at about 9am, and they came on. How odd! I asked Jane if she’d done the fuse, but no. In the evening though, the lights started flickering again before going…

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