New Year = New term


The weekend has been spent preparing for return to school.

The boys knew the time was coming but weren’t really talking about it.

M had a migraine most of the weekend, but perked up a little after being sick.    We concluded that he was well enough for returning to school, and that the sickness has been a direct connection to his migraine and not a general bug.   He was dosed up and rested a lot.   It appeared to do the trick.

D got quieter as Sunday went on, and by the evening was really reserved.   It was a little worrying as he has been quite volatile over the holidays.     He said nothing was wrong, but looked as if his brain was working oer time and he was mulling something over.    If it is something he needs to share, then he will once he has processed whatever it is!

All three of my boys had haircuts.    Doing it myself is the only way to get the boys done as they get extremely stressed by having it done to them.   I can relate to this as I really hate going to the hairdressers, which is why my hair is either long and tied back, or very short.     I do Hubbys with the clippers, but neither of the boys like the noise they make so I had to invest in a pair of hair dressing scissors and a book that taught me the basics.      M’s dislike of having his hair cuts has resulted in his mop.   The fact he has ridiculously fine very straight hair kind of lends itself to this style.    It is very him, and I do believe he finds comfort in his long fringe and kind of hides behind it.     Anyway, when I am cutting his hair, I feel like the worst mother on the planet, as I have to shout at him constantly to keep him still.   I have tried to explain to him that the stiller he keeps the quicker it gets finished but that doesn’t seem to motivate him.      I manage to just about get a straight line front and back and expose his ears, and he is done.   He looks so young when it is tidy.     D has hair like mine, very thick and with a heavy wave on it.   When his needs cutting, he gets the most beautiful little curls around his ears!     About once a year he will let me use the clippers, and that is probably enough as his hair doesn’t grow as quickly as M’s.     In between times, it is just a case of a little trim around his ears and across the back.    He looks ready to wow the girls!

Baths were had and finger nails and toenails cut.     All was going too well!

Both boys asked to read before bed, which after two weeks of late nights and refusal to go near books was quite a miracle.   They both read well!    Then time to fight them into bed, but no, they both went with no persuasion!

This morning it was hard to get up, and we had to really push ourselves to be motivated to start the week.   D complained very loudly about how much he hated Mondays!    We did however get to school, and other than D still complaining about being out of bed, they went in quite happily.     Hooray!

I imagine there was a surge on the electricity grid at 9:10am as hoovers were plugged in to tidy the holiday damage!

All was well with the world until lunchtime, when the phone rang and M had been sick and could I go and pick him up!    This term is traditionally his worst, but I did expect him to last more than half a day!


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