Justin and the Knights of Valour


Today is the last proper day of the school holidays – weekends, are just weekends, and so they don’t count as part of the holiday in the eyes of the boys. We therefore decided to have a little treat to end the time off. The boys always benefit from knowing there is something to look forward to as it gives them a focus.

We therefore decided to go to the cinema to watch Justin and the Knights of Valour – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1639826/ Cineworld does kids club every day during the school holidays which makes it an inexpensive trip out. The films at the kids club, might not be the most up to date movies, but they are a great way for the boys to catch up on the things they want to see, and at just £1 a ticket when you pre-book them online, then it really is value for money, even if they don’t really enjoy themselves!

Justin was a film they had said they had wanted to see when we saw trailers for it ages ago, but for some reason we just hadn’t gotten around to going. When I noticed it was on today, and suggested it to the boys, they were so excited, and last night, both were happy to go to bed as they had a busy day today – has to have been the easiest going to bed night from the whole holidays!

The film was lovely. It was a perfect film for the younger audience, as it was a simple plot of ignored geek comes good and get the girl he should have been chasing, and not the one he had pinned his heart on! There were no unexpected plot twist and there were likable characters along the way. As with all animated films there has to be an animal that the kids just adore, and this movie was no different with a Dragodile, or was it a Crocden, or was it just a crocodile pretending to be a dragon? What ever you call it, it was hilarious. the cast was brilliant, led by Antonio Banderas, who also produced it. Many reviews have said it just didn’t quite deliver, but the boys loved it and that is the main point scorer in this family. They did ask when they came out if it was made by the same people behind Rise of the Guardians as there was a striking resemblance between Santa in that, and the older mentors Justin worked with.

The one thing D couldn’t get his head around and kept asking about was the character called Melquiades who was a wizard that everyone apart from Justin believed was mad. It was beautifully played by David Walliams. The thing D and to a point M didn’t get was the multiple personalities the character had by name. M was convinced there was more than one person who looked the same, while D didn’t understand why he kept being different people. Is a form of Schizophrenia really the subject to introduce in a childs movie? We explained that some people s brains hear different people in them, and it makes them act differently depending on which one is dominant at any given time. After thinking about this for a while, D surmised that the character had a special brain, but not the same sort of special brain that he has. He was totally accepting of the idea of a different form of mental problem, once he had an explanation and was able to think about it. It does worry me that many children will have come from seeing this film laughing at the mad wizard without parents taking it the little bit deeper it needed to go. Now, don’t scream at me that its only a kids film and it should be taken at face value, because I have kids that don’t take things at face value, and need to know and understand why character behave in certain ways, I therefore have learned to think a little deeper, and definitely outside the box than I may have done previously, but it certainly makes for a more interesting way of viewing life!

All in all, I would say it is a nice film, but nothing too special.

After the film, we went to Frankie & Bennys for lunch. I had a £20 voucher because last time I went there, the service and the food were well below standard. We therefore managed to get a half priced meal for the 4 of us. I don’t think I would rush back, as the service was still slap dash, and the food wasn’t as good as many of the chain restaurants offer, especially for children. It also has to be the physically most uncomfortable restaurant to sit in, with tiny tables and seats that pin you in. With no room to put coats or bags, it makes for an uncomfortable experience. At half price it was only just value for money, not a place to recommend in my opinion.

The weather scuppered heading to the park on the way home, but I think that’s ended the holidays of a high note for the boys.


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  1. It’s interesting about the wizard. I’ve not seen the film so maybe my thoughts are wide of the mark. However it’s the sort of question my daughter might have brought up – the more sociable daughter, not the daughter who’s had a few social issues. To me that curiosity indicates a kind of interest in the way the world works rather than Aspie or not Aspie.

    It reminds me of the film Mary and Max – the Aspie character of Max did come across as funny, but so that you could sympathise with the way the world looked to him. But it all depends how it is done.

    Glad you had a good last day of the holidays. I was just musing about it being the last day as well.

    • I did think it a little confusing the way it was done. M was convinced there were twins arguing but D could see it was one person but didnt understand his behaviour. A very strange character to introduce in a film aimed at young children especially as he only seemed a point of ridicule.

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