Happy New Year.


2014 is here!

I hope the year brings you all that you would wish yourself and then maybe just a little bit more.

If you were out celebrating, I hope you had a wonderful time and got home safely.      We didn’t do much, just at home.   The boys went to bed before 10pm, so although they tried to stay up, neither of them made it.    Luckily, the pipes and the fireworks didn’t wake them – now I’m going to sound like an old grouch but the pipes started in the street about 11:50pm and went on for 20 minutes, at midnight I get it, but no need for it before hand.      What was worse though was that the fireworks were still being let off gone 1am, that’s far too late!     I’m all for people having fun, but respect of others has to come into it somewhere.

Do you make resolutions?       I think as children we always were encouraged to do so, but as I got older, and more realistic with my expectations of life, I realised making sweeping statements about things that I would – no if but or maybe, just would achieve during the following 12 months was just a ridiculous and unrealistic pressure to put upon ourselves.

I read one of the sillies doing the rounds on Facebook the other day that said something along the lines of ” I’m not making New Year resolutions but Old year ones by making what I did this year fit and say that’s what I meant to achieve!”      It made me laugh, as it is probably true to a lot of us.   Who hasn’t made some form of statement about what you are going to do and then misquote your own intentions later in the year to make them fit with what you’ve actually done?

So do I just muddle through by not making resolutions?    Of course not.     I like to think about what has happen in the previous 12 months and what can be built upon in the following.     Last year, I decided after more than 10 years in the house, it was time to start with the redecorating in the house.     I now have plenty of striped walls, and plans of where I want things to go.   It is now time to build on that and get some of these rooms completed.      Of course I will have to write a list of what needs doing in each room, and then a list to order the rooms – where would I be without my lists?     It is my main priority to end the bomb site we call home, and instead have a home we don’t feel we need to do too much to – what was that I said about not making unrealistic goals?

I will of course be thinking about eating better and getting back to my exercise routine which has taken a back seat recently.   I know I can do it, so it is just a case of getting my head back into the right place, and knocking the dust off my http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ as it is a really useful tool to make me think about what I am going to do.    I could say I want to be half the person I am now, but I will make do with not putting on anymore weight!

My main priority though this year has to be health.    I seemed to spend half of last year back and forward to the doctors, something that has never happened before.    I have always been proud of the fact that I may be fat but I’ve always been healthy.    I want to have that back again.       Of course, I need to get next week over and done with and get my tonsils removed first.    Once that is done I intend to stay healthy for the rest of the year – I know I said I would make no grandeurs claims but I think that is a good goal to aim for!!!

I hope whatever pressures you put upon yourself for the coming 12 months are sensible ones.     Have goals that stretch you but not so far that you end up hurting yourself!

I do of course wish you all love, health and happiness in the coming 12 months.   I also wish that should you win millions on the lotto, you remember that we are bestest buddies xxxx

Happy New Year!!


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