An Up and Down ASD Year


The World of Neil

Inevitably, we use the last day of the year to reflect on the year that’s gone by. Its been no longer than any that’s gone before – shorter than 2012 by a full day! Our 2 ASD boys might not understand how some days/weeks/months/years can seem longer than others. Most of us know what we mean when we say, “Its been a long year” but Matthew and Daniel – like other ASD kids – see things literally and logically. To me, 2013 has gone by fairly quickly. Its helped that we’ve had a couple of short breaks at Easter & in October to sandwich our summer holiday.

The holidays have broken down the year into manageable chunks for the boys and gave them something to focus on. Without that, it may well have been a long year. Its part of the challenge with ASD children – getting something for them…

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