Don’t give me your germs.


On Boxing Day, M started coughing.     There is nothing unusual about this during the school holidays.    The stress of the change of routine tends to manifest itself in a real barking cough.      We therefore tend to ignore it when it happens.    We don’t want to feed his stress levels by paying them attention.     We acknowledge it but nothing more.    We don’t want him to think getting stressed is something to make a fuss about but instead, he needs to work through his misgivings until he can cope with things.

By the Friday, the cough was getting worse, and he was complaining about a sore throat.     Being the terrible person I am, I just told him that it was no surprise it was hurting, as 36 hours of constant hacking would give anyone a sore throat.      Nothing more was said.    That is until he coughed himself sick after tea time.      This often happens, and he is comforted, but very little else.   I have had several conversations with the school about not keeping him home after a stress vomit compared to an unwell one.    His teacher has been quite understanding about this.        Often the being sick is a sign that the coughing is over and it is like drawing a line under the problem.

After being sick he seemed to perk up a bit, so it seemed to be following the normal pattern.

Then, mid-evening, he went floppy and cuddly.    He curled up on my lap and fell asleep.   He was like a hot water bottle his temperature was so high.      At this point I concluded, he must have been poorly and not stressed!       Oops!      Bad Mummy moment hit me in the face at this time!

All he wanted to do on Saturday was cuddle.    Now, anyone that knows M and his history, know he doesn’t like personal contact to the point that it makes him quite angry if anyone tries it.      Therefore to want to sit and snuggle with me most of the day says a lot about how unwell he was feeling.       He didn’t want to eat, which is nothing too unusual as we often have to persuade him taking food is  a good idea.        After a day of sofa, cuddles, and movies, he was eager to get to his bed!   He was definitely an unwell little man.

Sunday saw him a little livelier, and I let him nibble anything he fancied.     Whatever was wrong with him, it seemed to be a 48 hour bug, and he was definitely on the way out of it.     Getting some food into him seemed to do the trick.

Then, D started sneezing!      He doesn’t appear to have what M has had, but he is full of cold.      It isn’t really surprising as he doesn’t like clothes, and getting him to wear anything in the house is hard work, and most days is not worth the fight and the subsequent meltdown because he feels so uncomfortable.      I suppose we are lucky he manages to stay dressed at school!     I think he is destined to be a naturist when he grows up as he has no worries about his nudity which has its problems when anyone comes to the door, and he refuses to stay out of sight!    I think every regular delivery person is used to his behaviour now!

Both boys are being well dosed up to ensure they don’t loose too much of their holidays by feeling poorly.

Through all this though, I have just had one thought in my mind, and that is that I don’t want their germs.     It is more than the usual not wanting to get a cold, but I really don’t want to be unwell before the 9th January when I am due to the hospital.     I have waited over 40 years to get this operation, and I really don’t want it put off now because I have tonsilitis.   In fact that would be the ultimate irony don’t you think?       I am therefore downing the multi vitamins and Echinacea, in the hope to ward on anything before it can take hold!

There aren’t many times that I put my own needs about those of my children’s health, but, while caring for them I just hope they don’t give me their rotten germs!



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