Please let me sit down!


Christmas Day is done and dusted!

I am exhausted!

The boys were lovely yesterday. It was a ridiculous amount of sensory over load for them, but they coped well.

For me the highlight off the day was when D told me he loved me even more than usual because they were given Disney Infinity for the Wii. It made all the stress and hassle of getting the day organised worth it for that moment.

The boys go mad when they see the presents and have to rip them open as quick as possible. For M it is because he just cant cope with not knowing what is under the paper, he hates surprises – his brain just isn’t programmed to process them. He has always had a problem with closed doors for the same reason, not knowing what is the other side is stressful to him. We therefore had several carrier bags of paper, cardboard, plastic, and rubbish pretty quickly –  my boys are nothing if not consistent and these things need to go for recycling – that’s the rule – so are sorted ready to go as they unwrap. It is then time to explore their bounty.

While the boys are getting happy and excited, the old people are sat on the sofa like a pair of bookends. They also had bags of presents which they opened and glared at, and returned to the bags when they had finished! It really does make you wonder why you bother! But bother I do, in the faint hope the effort put in doesn’t go unnoticed.

Hubby was really pleased with the things he got, even the Grumpy Dwarf, and the Grouchy Smurf t-shirts from the boys! D did qualify it to him that he wasn’t always like them!!! I tried not to laugh when he said that! His favourite present was his new bathrobe – in the style of Captain Kirks Uniform!

I was very lucky, and had socks and slippers the boys had chosen for me. From Hubby I received a spa voucher for Malmassion. We have been there a few times, and it is a lovely relaxing treat. It will be nice to book that for after I am on the mend from my op. Old person always give quiet strange presents, sometimes brilliant in their strangeness but often along the lines that have you asking why telly shopping hasn’t been made illegal for conning money out of the elderly and infirm! I had some odd kitchen gadgets and a cardie which I will put away until I am in my 70’s because it might suit me by then!!! I sound ungrateful and I’m not. From Hubbys Mum and brother I got vouchers for Amazon. Am I the only person who finds Amazon confusing? I think it is great if you know exactly what you want, but it is just too big to be able to browse and hope you find something you fancy – for the same reason I don’t like department store.

In between all this paper shredding, I was up and down to the kitchen getting organised for lunch, and serving coffee. Waldorf and Statler ( W&S )- as we were calling the Old people by the end of the day, just sat looking bored and miserable.

We had spoken to D about if the old people were becoming too much for him, to come and join me in the kitchen. Baiting him is probably their greatest pleasure in life. It is cruel beyond belief to do it to a boy who they know has a short fuse and a slow calm down cycle. He joined me a couple of times during the morning, and I’m not sure it they were starting or if he didn’t want me out of sight as he was just feeling over whelmed by it all.

I served lunch just after one. Before the children, we would eat much later, but they have enough problem understanding a lunch this late – they are very much ruled by routine, and there is nothing more regimented than things you do every day, and meal times are a great example of this, lunch is between 12 and half past, and dinner time at 5:30pm – if Hubby is late home it throws them totally as they are torn between eating at the right time or eating with him. The boys both ate brilliantly. They love a roast dinner, and pile their plates high with veggies. M has to have the carrots next to him, and D the swede so they can keep digging in. The olds picked at it, but that was their lose as it was really tasty! I don’t do a traditional pudding, and instead did ice-cream or raspberry roulade. Other than Hubby they all went for ice-cream. The roulade was lovely, and when M saw it he wanted some, so had two puddings!

After lunch I did the washing up and loaded the dishwasher, tidied the kitchen, and made the coffee. Hubby was keeping the boys amused and W & S sat and looked miserable.

The living room looked like a bomb had gone off but in the middle of it was two happy wee men and that is what it is all about.

Since the 50th Anniversary episode the boys have been so excited about the next showing from Doctor Who, and of course their first regeneration. M started talking about it, and W & S started “joking” with him that they would be watching something on the other side. Why they would think doing that is acceptable to a child who does not get humour unless it is obvious is beyond me, but I was able to reassure and calm him. When it actually started I think they knew they were in trouble as they both sat quietly and allowed the boys to enjoy it, and ask relevant questions. It is not right to just accept what is going on for my little scientists, they have to know why. It is very difficult to explain regeneration in a way that doesn’t sound comical. I found the show a little slow, but it was beautifully done as The Doctor decided on being a martyr while Clara, just said to the crack in the wall to sort it out. As always a strong woman has more sense than any man, even if he is hundreds of years old and an alien! M was a little confused as to why The Doctor couldn’t fly the TARDIS after he had regenerated and we have heard him say several times since “he had forgotten how to fly it!”. I can only imagine his brain is working overtime to comprehend the whole idea of one person changing into another but still being the same one. It is something you just have to have faith in I think.

Anyway, both boys were shattered and so it was bedtime for them. We bid goodnight to W & S, and headed upstairs. D of course started getting irritable – he hates going to bed and will openly admit he worries about what happens when he is asleep, and a meltdown began. I got him into the bathroom for teeth cleaning but he was still going mad, luckily one of the presents Hubby bought me was a radio for the bathroom – it’s a bit of a joke that I always have the radio on – he also bought me a new kitchen one!, and it is shaped like a rubber duckie. I asked D is he had seen it, and switched it on. Instantly there was something to grasp his attention, and we were soon joined by Hubby and M and we had a bathroom boogie! D loved the idea of twisting the ducks neck to switch it on and off! Once into bed, both boys were sleeping almost instantly – D helped by cuddles from Hubby.

I was exhausted, but needed to unwind before sleep. We flicked through the channels and were glad to see the usual pile of rubbish available, we settled for watching Iron Man – total nonsense but great fun anyway. When my head hit the pillow I was out for the count.

As always, I wonder why I go to such efforts when I get the reaction I do from W & S, but I do it because the kids love it, Hubby loves it, and to be honest, I love doing it.      While several times when they were annoying me I vowed never to do Christmas again, it was only frustration speaking, and the preparations will soon start again for next year!

I hope Santa was good to you all and your day was filled with love and happiness.



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  1. Sounds to me you are just fantastic! you are spot on with how you treat everyone from the old to the young. Love your blog and always feel I have shared something wonderful. Happy New Year to you xxx

  2. I am sure the boys will remember this as a great day for a long time and you did them proud.

    Lunch at 3pm is just a weird concept anyway!

    Hope you have had a rest this Boxing Day and the boys have regained their equlibrium after such a stimulating day.

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