Christmas Eve.


After a week of headless chicken act, the final countdown is now in full swing, for tomorrow is the day!

Last night I wrote my list of jobs to get done today. As you know, I like my lists, and there is something very satisfying about having the jobs written on the chalk board and one by one they get removed until there is an empty board!

Hubby was given his list of jobs to do this morning, and with a bit of a kick up the bum has got them done. I know it is a holiday day for him, and he should be relaxing, but unfortunately I don’t have that luxury, and if he wants me to stop stressing, he has to pitch in.

The boys have been excellent, and D, who loves cleaning, has hoovered the living room, and then asked to use the steam cleaner on the wood flooring – now before anyone screams at me for letting a six-year-old use a potentially dangerous piece of kit, D is a rule follower, and before he uses it, we go through the rules of keeping on the floor, and making sure it is nowhere near toes, and he looks at me as if to say we don’t have to go through this everytime. The floor looks beautiful. M was in charge of putting away things that have been dumped on the sofa – for some reason Old person thinks everything needs to be piled on the corner of the sofa and it often gets the stage that there is no where for bums, it drives me mad!

Old person was being Old person, until the boys guilt tripped her into helping, and she sorted the coffee table. To be fair to her she has helped more in the last half hour since everyone went out than she has in months.

My jobs have all been kitchen related. I have sorted out the bag of treasure I have been stock piling over the last few weeks, with the naughties for the festivities, the sweeties, and biscuits. I then pulled everything from the freezer that needs to defrost. I have made dinner pies as we call them, but Yorkshire puds as the rest of the world knows them. I have made a strawberry sauce to go with the roulade that we are having for tomorrows dessert. I have made pigs in blankets, and rolled bacon. I have baked a gammon with a maple glaze – which M was more than happy to be chief taster for when it came out of the oven!

I then went about the main job of preparing the bird. We are traditionalists and are having turkey, which I love. She looks good. I made a mixture of sausage meat and sage and onion stuffing. I chopped streaky bacon and mixed through butter which I have placed under the skin over the breast. I am getting hungry just writing this down!!! Then comes the one task that is so difficult every year, and that is to weigh the beast. Traditional kitchen scales never take such a big weight, and the bathroom scales are too difficult to see one the pan is on it. Then I remembered on the Wii Fit plus, there is a function for weighing your pet. Yes, you guessed it, I had to set up a profile to weigh my turkey!! Luckily nobody saw me, as I’m sure I looked a total nit holding a baking tray with a stuffed turkey, while standing on the wii board! I got my reading and have been able to calculate the time to put in the oven in the morning.

There is just one job left to do, and that is prep the veg. I have it all  out across the work surface, ready to go.

Basically tomorrow, all I want to do, is switch things on. The only time I want to spend in the kitchen is when I’ve had enough of everyone else and need to hide!

Hubby and the boys have headed over to his mothers to collect her as she is staying with us for a few days. I have made sure we have lots of brandy as a few of those in her and she is slightly more bearable! They will come home via Dominoes, and I actually get an evening off from cooking!!!!

In the mean time I am so grateful to the local radio station for all the cheesy Christmas songs its been playing today. There is nothing more likely to get you in the mood for the holidays than Shakey, and Wham! Problem is the boys have kept coming into the kitchen to check I’m alright as I sing at the top of my voice!!!

But in the words of the Mr Stevens – Merry Christmas Everyone!


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  1. We got into cheesy mood on the way up in the car.. we have Christmas dinner, cooked by my dad, at 7pm and it is duck cos a turkey is too big for us!

    Hope you are having a great day.

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