Perfect Cakes part 2



Yesterday evening D decorated the cake for his teacher.

He thought about it for ages before deciding he just wanted to write Merry Christmas on it. He wanted the writing with two lines with a bit to colour in – or bubble writing as I would call it. Rather than do it straight onto the cake, he practiced on a piece of paper until he was satisfied he had got the idea of how to write the letters.

I suggested to him that he wrote Xmas instead of Christmas as the cake is only a 5 ” round and there wasn’t really enough from for too many letters. Then followed a lengthy theological conversation about the use of X instead of Christ. I explained to him that whilst many people took offence by it calling it laziness, there is in fact a religious origin of it. Of course I was not allowed to leave it there and I had to explain about the persecution of early Christians and how they would use the cross as a way to identify each other to each other by placing the X over their doors. I think this may be a subject we return to after he has thought about it a little more. He did though accept that the cross is used as the mark of Christ so we could exchange it in this situation.

It took him a while to get the letters outlined, as an ultra fine piping nozzle with stiff icing isn’t the easiest of things to use when your fingers all work properly but his bendy one must have been having difficulties that he refused to mention. It’s at times like this that you see his true Taurian nature – my dear little stubborn bull! He got there in the end, and decided it just needed a few holly leaves to go around the edge. Once again each had to be meticulously placed.

When he had finished, he was pleased, and said he had to sign it as all artists sign their masterpieces!!

It is a work of art and I am so proud him. I talk too often of his negative side and so it is nice to mention what a positive beautiful little man he is.


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