The School Nativity.


Today was one of the performance days for the school nativity. The first 3 years of the school, the infant children are all involved.
The first years are all angels every year, and the other two years parts vary depending on which production they are doing.

This year the story chosen, was from the point of view of the animals in the barn, and how they were watching over the baby who was the King of Kings.

D’s class were all animals, cows, pigs, birds and sheep. D being a sheep. I think I knew all the words to all of the songs as well as any of the performers today, as with all things he does, D has to get it done with perfection. He even had me trolling the internet to find the music online, but I wasn’t going to pay to download it for him! I did though hear the snippets posted, and so got the idea of the melodies the words had to fit to – my musical ability is that I am a very good sight-reader, so hearing the tune meant I was able to help D get the words at the right tempo.

This morning, D was telling me exactly where I had to sit, and was getting very confused as I queried was it on the right from the stage or looking at it! We eventually found a landmark in the hall that he was close to so we established the exact location! He asked Old Person if she was coming, now he had an identical conversation with her at the weekend, and she gave identical excuses, but he persuaded her to attend. The school is less than a 5 minute walk from the house, so even at her speed it would take no more than 15 minutes. I therefore told her if she left the house at 9am she would be there in plenty of time as there was no point me coming home after the boys went in. While I was waiting for her, a friend was in horror that I would let such a frail old lady walk that distance! This just goes to show how she has let other believe this image of herself she has created. Her frailty is due to laziness. She is only house bound because she chooses to be so, and I often put my foot down and make her walk to the post office, or the little shop, just to make her leave the house, as the company of Phillip Schofield and the likes all day is fermenting her brain.

Anyway, she arrived, and we took our seats with some other Mums I know. We were in the second row, so a good place. The children kept filing in, and in, and eventually D appears, the last to enter the hall! He looked very serious, but beamed when he saw me. He took his seat, and looked very matter of fact with his folded arms and stern look.

He kept this look the whole time, unless I caught his eye and made him smile. It was if he was there but not. He was in costume, and knew all of his words, and when he had to move from stage to chorus benches, but his body language was uncomfortable. He was probably focusing towards the end of his nose most of the time, thus blocking out everyone and everything going on around him that wasn’t really relevant. One Mum said to me that he was being so good sitting so matter of factly. No, he was keeping himself safe by physically holding himself together. The folded arms is a defence mechanism, I suppose a classic self-protection body language. To me, he looked like he would rather be anywhere else than there.

Everyone got through the performance and it was brilliant, and all the kids are total stars.

The Nativity, is such an important part of our childhood, that it is probably one of our earliest memories. I know it is for me. Our Christmas play, was actually an adaptation of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and I was the star of the show, and I can still remember my costume included a brown balaclava, with gold painted twigs stuck to it, and I had bright red lipstick on my nose! My main memory was being told when I was “crying” I wasn’t to rub my nose and spread the red about!!!   To this day, I still think reindeers are unpunished bullies!!

D can put this in his memory bank, and move on, but not until he has done it all tomorrow for the rest of the parents!


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    • I often wonder who is the most childish between her and the boys, going back to when the boys were quite young!
      It can be quite tiring when the child becomes the parent as it seems wrong to be telling her off like a naughty child but it often has to be done!

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