Santa Train


Today the boys and I went on a trip organised by our local church. Whilst we are not regular members of the congregation the boys both attended the summer play scheme they run, and I stay as a parent helper.

Today’s trip was to Brechin, to the Caledonian Steam Railway, for a ride on the Santa train.

We had packed lunches which we ate before boarding the train. When I say we ate, M was so wound up he barely ate a thing. D got a Santa face painted while we were there. M doesn’t like face paint as the thought of someone in his space freaks him out totally, but he did agree to get Rudolf done on his hand!

Onto the train and everything had to be touched. It was all so different that there was no stopping the need for sensory input. However once the peep peep of the train went they sat still – ish.

Firstly one of Santa’s elves came down the train with gifts for the adults. It was a small bottle of wine – when I refused it saying I don’t take alcohol it was met with disbelief – maybe that’s part of the problem in this country when not wanting alcohol is viewed with suspicion.

Then the moment of truth. The big F C arrived. One of his elves asked the boys their names and age, and introduced them to Santa. In return they were given a gift. D wanted his picture taken with him, but M just hid behind me. D then told Santa his Daddy had been good this year! They thanked Santa and he moved on.

They ripped open their presents. D had a set of 6 small cars, and M a build your own toy car kit. Brilliant presents they both loved.

M told me that some of the people in his class said they didn’t believe in Santa. I asked what he believed and he said that as long as he believed then he was real – The Rise of the Guardians is a great movie that served as well at the point!

D told me that he didn’t think we had seen the real Santa, but it was OK as the pretend ones all report back to the real one who is just too busy at the moment!

It was a lovely experience for the boys but some what overwhelming. Their behaviour deteriorated from then as there was just too much to process.

It was a nice day, but next year, football or not, I will insist Hubby comes, just so the boys can deal with their thoughts separately rather than bouncing off each other.


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  1. It was brave of you to go for it – lots of new sensations and experiences. Hope you found it worth it, on balance.

    Nice picture – curiosity and expectation.

    • I think it was a lovely day. It was good to do it before they loose the magic of Santa.
      They just need to process the million new sensations they have experienced to be able to talk about it!

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