An Aspie’s Clothes Aversion


The World of Neil

Its not that cold in the house this evening, but there’s enough of a chill to warrant the heating going on. Still, we could take just make sure we’re wearing something a bit warmer. Daniel though is completely the opposite. Once again he hasn’t got a stitch on, which is quite normal for him. Ordinarily by six years of age, any other child would understand that its convention that we are dressed, even in our own homes. But Daniel has never felt the need, and even when its cold in the house, he will resist wearing clothes. Daniel isn’t just “any other child” though.

Part of it is a comfort thing. Daniel is a big lad, and getting clothes to fit him well isn’t that easy. A bigger part of it I suspect is that its a sensory thing for him. He likes the feel of anything he comes into…

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