More Movie Obsessions and Autism.


The World of Neil

I’ve posted before on Matthew’s obsessions, and his obsessional behaviour where movies are concerned in particular. Well, today we’re seeing another one of those in action. Today we got our delivery from Asda, and Jane had included a Chinese banquet in the order, and the boys love it when we have that – everything is put out on the table, and they can take their pick while we watch a movie. That’s quickly become a bit of a tradition in our house. Usually we eat at the dining table without the distraction of the TV, but when we have takeaway, its in the living room with a movie.

Now, we’ve got a sackload of DVD/blu-rays on our shelves, from Star Wars to Indiana Jones to Curious George and lots in between. But for Matthew, we can only watch one. One of Matthew’s big ASD traits is his association of objects…

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