The School Fayre.


Today was the day of the school Christmas fayre. It was to be done differently this year, because of problems with the Parent Staff Association, the usual evening event was bought into the afternoon.

The children work hard to make things for sale. Now, I don’t really approve of the kids making things during class time to then sell to swell the purse of the PSA. I do understand, that the crafts are part of art projects, and the cooking is a great skill for the young ones, I even get the great experience of marketing and sales for the older children, but it still doesn’t sit right with me. If I am going to buy rubbish created by children, I at least want it to be something my own children have made! However, you feel obliged to go along and put your hands in your pocket – again!

Both boys have been talking endlessly about the things their respective classes were making – and therefore the things I had to buy! They were rightly excited about it. It is after all the first event of the school Christmas Calender – next week is the lower schools nativity, and D is taking his part as a sheep quite seriously!

Many parents had been wondering if there would be many there, with it being during the day time, but they needn’t have worried. I arrived with a couple of other Mums just before 2pm and there was a queue waiting to go in. It was subsequently heaving instantly getting into the hall.

The choir was performing in the hall but there was so much hubbub going on in there it was difficult to hear them. The music teacher was getting quite agitated yelling at the crowd to be quiet and signally to zip their mouths. It might not have been the best idea, having them perform where the teas were being served, and stalls were set up, but with limited space there was little more they could do. What I could hear though was really good, and they are a credit to the school.

I then went on the hunt for D. The children that weren’t selling their wares were allowed to look around, either with a P7 student or their parents if they found them. I just got near the stairs to Ds classroom and he lunged towards me. We looked around and he found a few treasures he couldn’t live without! He did buy a couple of books, so he didn’t waste all of his money, he even bought a Dr Seuss book for M.

We decided we needed to go and look for M, and see what he was up to. We hadn’t gone far when we bumped into his teacher, with M in tow. She looked like thunder, and greeted me with how horrendous he had been, and could I try to calm him down! With the noise, the heat, and so many people milling about, it is no surprise he was not happy. There were far too many things going on that should not have been happening. In hind sight if I had thought about it, with all these strange goings on, we should have spoken to the teacher before hand to try to work out a strategy for the day.   Hindsight is a great thing, but at least we will know should another situation like this arise.    I took M from her, and we walked around, but he really wasn’t interested, and just wanted to go and sit in his classroom.     I went in with him for a bit, but he wanted to be by himself.      D and I left him to it, while we continued to look around.     We went back to M’s classroom after a few minutes, to see how he was, and his teacher had returned and said he seemed to have calmed down a little.

D was in no hurry to return to his classroom, but they had to be back by 3pm.

I hope the school did well out of the afternoon.    It was good to see so many faces I had not seen for a long time – Mums with new babies, and previous loved teachers.     With the schools constantly expanding role, it is good to see the parents come together in a positive manner, rather than to complain to council about the building of the new school not happening fast enough.

Coming out of school, M still looked miserable.   It has been a tough day for him in ways we should have thought about and planned for.   We, parents and school,  all failed him with our lack of planning today, but will be able to think it through next time!

D on the other hand was hyper, until he spoke to me, and I wouldn’t let him have any more sweets because he had enjoyed a cake and a biscuit during the afternoon, and any more sugar would have sent him through the roof – if we hadn’t been outside!      It was therefore with a face like thunder that he walked home.

I should be feeling Christmasy now, but I don’t.     I might need  a few barrels of mulled wine to get me in the spirit!!!!!


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  1. It’s a lot to be thinking about all the time, isn’t it? 😦 It sounds like it was all a little crazy with sounds an stimuli, even for an “event”.

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