The waiting is over!


After over 40 years of suffering with horrendous sore throats, the countdown is now truly on for my tonsillectomy.

Today I received a letter with the date for my op. 8th January. UGH!

This has been such a long drawn out process that is seems almost impossible to think it might actually be drawing to a conclusion.

I have previously spoken about the suffering I have had over the years – and how I had finally had enough after last winter that I went to my GP and asked for my tonsils to be removed. The GP referred me and the consultant took 2 seconds to tell me he was shocked I had never been referred before!

Then all the nonsense with my blood pressure started and after being declared fit and well – always good to know your heart is healthy, it was all go again for going into hospital.

I had my pre-op assessment a couple of weeks ago, and they did a million tests and declared me ready for it!    I was a little concerned that despite all the evidence of my healthy heart they might still cause a fuss with my high blood pressure – why they wont just accept I have a problem with the medical profession and it sends my blood pressure soaring, I don’t know!   Luckily, they read all the stuff about my previous tests, and didn’t worry too much as it was only slightly high.


My worry was I would be offered an appointment before Christmas, and I was working out when the cut off point would be to be able to still do the festivities. Luckily no.

The boys are back to school on the Monday and I will go in on the Wednesday. Hubby will take a couple of days off work and the talk nicely to his boss to see if he can work from home for a few more days – until I can shout properly at the boys again!       I’m told I will feel rough for a couple of weeks, but nothing worse than a really bad dose of tonsillitis.     My thought is that I might be in pain for those weeks, but I know it will be the last of this sort of pain – at least once my tonsils are gone, when I get a sore throat, it wont be so swollen I can barely breathe!

M is of course concerned at having no Mummy for a couple of days – it is a day case, but because of my stomach problems I may have to have an overnight. Hubby will of course pamper them and get them Takeaway that night, so they see it as a treat and not something to worry about. The problem is when I was in hospital a couple of years back having my gallbladder removed, M, in P1,  was in meltdown most of the time – he has always had separation issues and finds it quite hard to cope when I am below par, I have to keep my feelings in check when near him, as he reads me very easily.  This will mean we will have to have a talk with his teacher before the event, to prepare her for his potential down turn, but January is always the worst month of the year for him, as the confusion of December is put to rest.    It may even mean him having a couple of days off from school,rather than be disruptive to the rest of the class. We will weigh up all options and discuss them with the school, in the hopes we have covered all potential bases – but there is always something you don’t think about.    Hopefully as he got through my last hospital stay with no long-term problems, he might be better prepared this time.

D of course will just take it in his stride.    We will of course mention it to his teacher, just in case he does find it harder now he is a little older.     I do feel we sometimes forget how delicate D can be because he takes everything in so easily.    That’s what comes of him having been born middle-aged.

Just hoping now that the hospital admin department in their wisdom doesn’t find a bed for D to have his knees done, and another for Old person to have her hip done at the same time! That would not be good, but I’m sure M and Hubby would have some party in the house by themselves!

I am not going to worry about getting the op for now.    I need to concentrate on Christmas.       Also, if I mentally prepare myself with a month to go, you just know something will go wrong!


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