Autism Early Mornings


Sleep is for wimps! Repeat until you believe it!

The World of Neil

Matthew’s sleeping has always been a bit hit and miss. Right back to when he was a baby, it would take up to 2 hours to get him to settle down at night. For a while, we ended up putting him down in his car seat, as he would wake within minutes if we put him in his moses basket.

Things haven’t significantly improved over the years really. He settles a bit easier at night, although he often takes a good while to fall asleep. Thankfully he’s quiet with it, and won’t disturb Daniel. Overnight remains patchy. He will often sleep through to gone 6am – or occasionally later – although he is still prone to appearing any time after 2am. Sometimes he comes through, gets into bed then falls asleep. We still get the loud stroppy boy who will yell the house down, which basically means the end of…

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