Blog of the Year Award.


I am truly humbled when I look at my page, and see anyone has read my ramblings.   If they click like, or make a comment, I am totally over the moon!    Writing my blog has always been about letting go of things that go around and around in my head.    It is my therapy to keep the darkness away.

My old English teacher from school would probably laugh at the thought of me writing anything that anyone would waste their time on.   I was rubbish at writing at school, and could not spell to save my life – the letters never sat still on the page long enough to get them in the right order.      The use of spell check isn’t a lazy tool, but one that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for people like me that find words so difficult to use.    I have a mathematical brain and not a languages one, and there isn’t much I can do to change that!

Anyway, when  I received notification from Amy @ that she thought of me, and decided to nominate me for this blog award, I was really happy.      Now, I know not all bloggers take up these things, but for me, it is a sign that getting things off my chest might make other people think about issues that effect everyday life.     I also love to look at the other blogs that are nominated as I think it is a great way of widening what I am reading, if somebody I connect with has recommended one, or more!   Thank you Amy.

There are a few blogs I would like to pass the award on to.

Firstly I nominate my Hubby’s blog – The World of Neil –     I often reblog his  posts as they are relevant to the type of thing I talk about, namely the children.    Neil though also talks about his passion for The Archers, and anything else that winds him up, which believe me can be a great number of things!

My next nomination is to Denise – listenwatchreadshare –     Denise talks on a wide range of topics, that always make you think, she is definitely worth a read.    Denise has been a great source of thought when she comments on my ramblings and makes be go beyond the box I often hide in.    Please have a look at her blog.

Finally it has to be the BBC, other wise known as British Blokes Cooking –    Two lovely guys who share some amazing recipes with us as well as stories of the goings on in their world.      A definite must to take a look at.

While my writing will never go down in history, I thank everyone who has dropped by.    Thank you again Amy for the nomination.


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