Presents….. everywhere.


With D going back to school today, I have been able to get on with things towards the festivities.

Today was about wrapping presents.   Not the most stimulating job in the world, but one that has to be done.    I am sure if I just tied up the Asda carrier bags there would be a few frowns on Christmas morning.    But why do we waste so much time and effort in wrapping things?       I like the idea of gift bags.      You just bung the present in and you’re done, but then people feel they should wrap something before putting it into the bag.    Isn’t that over kill and excess packaging?    I’m not sure about the etiquette of this.

I know I am sounding more than a bit of a grumpy about this, but every year, I do wonder why I bother.

I do tend to wrap as I buy, just to spread the job out as it is so boring – not a word I usually like, but it fits perfectly to this brain numbing task.

The olds people wont appreciate anything I have got for them, and so to be honest making it look pretty is quite important.     They will at least make happy sounds at bows and ribbons if nothing else!      It has to be an age thing because I really can’t get excited about packaging!

The boys and Hubby will love their presents, the paper isn’t important.   It is just a means of delaying their enjoyment of the gift!

The paper in fact is very distracting for M who hates not knowing what is happening.   Lets face it the whole point of wrapping is to hide the contents.   It gives suspense and intrigue.      I am sure most children can’t wait to open their presents on Christmas Day, but for the boys, M in particular, it is about opening everything as quickly as possible, not to get to the presents, but to remove the barriers in his way.     He will have a pile of presents and a pile of paper before he actually looks to see what he has been given.       He can’t stand surprises and so it is his way.    His brain is programmed in such a way that he just does not get the mystery of being given a present.   While he wants the gift, that’s it for him.

The boys have a few joint gifts this year – they are getting Disney Infinity, so it will be interesting to see how that is seen and dealt with.    M will want to rip it open and move along where D will want to examine the contents before the next parcel.   It will give them something new to argue about if nothing else.

My Dad, as I have previously mentioned  was the type of person that nothing went to waste.   He was born just before the start of WW2 and raised by just his mother.   I can only imagine how tough times were for them.   It did however give him the mind-set of waste not want not.    This however did get a little too much when it came to opening presents.     He would carefully peel the sticky tape from a parcel, so as not to damage the paper, and then the paper would have to be folded neatly, so it could be reused.    I remember there was always a bag of previously used wrapping paper that was pulled out at birthdays and Christmas.        It was always very embarrassing to have been invited to a party and hand over a gift in second-hand paper.       This is probably the reason that now, I am a ripper.     In fact, I might go as far as to say I am a shredder.    I will tear the paper like mad when I get a gift.   I imagine it is a rebellion to my childhood memories.

I must say, I really think spending a small fortune on paper is ridiculous.   Its going in the recycling bucket so it’s not part of the gift!    I do therefore stock up on it after Christmas for the next one.

I have gone one step towards being a Scrooge this year, and done without name tags.    They often fall off, and then there is no idea who a present is for.   Instead, I have just gone with writing directly onto the paper with a thick marker pen – my Dad would have a fit at ruining the chance of reusing the paper this way!

In the mean time, I need to stop moaning and get on with the job because it will not do itself, and I can’t imagine anyone jumping up and down demanding to help!

I think I might just suck a mint while I do it, anyone for a  HUMBUG!



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  1. Lol! I too hate wrapping gifts and really don’t see the point but I go along with it in a cackhanded way. BBC2 however is a meticulous wrapper and always make them look great. This is why whenever we get a gift for someone else he does the wrapping. maybe I’m bad at it on purpose? Lol…

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