The best laid plans.


Today is the first day of operation organised before the kids break up.

I have my detailed daily plans of what needs doing and when, so that by Friday the 20th, I can spend time with the boys with only the few last-minute jobs to be done.

Today’s job is Christmas cards. We have several that need to go for family and friends overseas, and therefore they should get into the post this week. I actually don’t really do as many cards as I used to. It is nice to touch base with those you don’t see or talk to regularly, but in this day and age when we keep up with each others news on a constant basis through the likes of Facebook and Twitter, then the usual newsy Christmas card has become somewhat redundant. It is still however nice to let others know they are in our thoughts at this magical time of the year.    I tend not to do cards for those i see regularly and instead make biscuits – far more interesting than something that goes in the recycling bucket withing a couple of weeks.

The rest of the week, my priority will be checking all the presents I have bought and getting them wrapped. That way I still have plenty of time should I find I have forgotten anybody – I don’t think I have, but you never know.

I have scheduled days for food shopping. I will do the freezer shopping next week, and the main food just before the kids do break up. This will mean I only have the fresh stuff to get last minute.

I have days for special cleaning, like taking the covers off the sofa and washing them.

I know when people have things to do and places to be.

My December should run like clock work.

This all sounds so perfect doesn’t it?

I forgot to factor in the one variant that is unpredictable. CHILDREN!

On Saturday D started feeling poorly. So much so that he didn’t go to dancing which he loves. By middle of the afternoon he was sound asleep. He woke for about an hour mid evening, but went to bed and slept right through. Yesterday he was more himself but was a little floppy. When asked if he was feeling OK he half nodded. I explained if he wasn’t feel well it was best to tell me, as I could not help if he didn’t. At this point his glasses eyes let go and he burst into tears and said he felt poorly. I dosed him up and we had lots of snuggles.

This morning he got up usual time for school. He still didn’t look well but insisted he couldn’t miss anything. He didn’t want breakfast – D not wanting to eat isn’t heard of unless he is poorly. His eyes were still glazed over and his breathing was laboured. He still wasn’t well. I told him he was having the day off and look I got was of pure hatred! Missing school is something he doesn’t like doing as he loves the work so much. He has spent the morning being bored, but not having the strength to do anything about it. He didn’t want to watch telly or a DVD. Even the i-pad showed little appeal to him. I will keep him dosed up, in the hopes he is soon on the mend. Poorly little guy.

It has of course meant today my priority has to be him. There is no question of that. A poorly baby need snuggles, then snuggles he shall get.

Cards can get written at another time, but I do hope I get them done later!

For now I have to persuade this little guy to drink a lot and maybe also eat something!


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  1. I had to declare martial law any time my kids were too sick to go to school – all three of them have a work ethic that blows my lazy @#$% out of the water. I sympathize! 🙂 -Amy

    • As someone who was never allowed to stay home from school however ill I was, I grew up with the attitude of just get on with it as nobody cares! Subsequently, I never had a day off work sick in over 20 years.
      Both boys hate missing school – its their routine, so if they’re off its because they need to be. Having said that, I am a softer touch than my Mum was so if they felt like it, it probably wouldn’t take much to pull the wool over my eyes.

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