A Very Merry Mix Up


This would win the golden Edam award for the cheesiness of it, but cover it in sugar with dipping syrup on the side and you have the perfect Christmas feel good movie!

The World of Neil

**This contains spoilers**

Last night, Jane & I landed on the Christmas 24 movie channel just in time to see a recently released TV movie, A Very Merry Mix Up.

The story started with struggling antique store owner Alice (Alicia Witt) and property developer boyfriend Will (Scott Gibson) in Alice’s store, with Alice talking about a clock she has in stock. Will shows no appreciation for any of the items, but makes attempts to get Alice to sell up. Will proposes to Alice that evening, and despite some misgivings, Alice says yes. Will suggests they spend Christmas with his parents and announce their engagement. Alice flys off first, as Will has business to tie up.

The mix up referred to in the title of the movie occurs at Alice’s destination airport where her luggage goes missing. As fate would have it, an other passenger – Matt (Mark Wiebe) is having…

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