Not your traditional Sunday lunch.


Pizza might not be your traditional Sunday lunch, but in our house it is a firm favorite.

I make a batch of dough, and the boys love to shape and top their own pizza. It is an easy way to let everyone have exactly what they want without me having to make individual meals.

The results are worth the mess in the kitchen, and the cleaning up I have to do afterwards.


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  1. Fun! I used to feel bad about not having a lovely sit-down lunch every Sunday (as my mother-in-law always did). Now I’m just happy if there’s something we can snatch out of the fridge to keep us from starving before a very simple Sunday evening meal. 🙂 -Amy

  2. Excellent thing to do. We have done this with nieces, nephews and god children countless times and they really get involved and love the end result. I’ve also done it children’s homes I’ve worked in and out of school clubs I’ve run. Is a great way to introduce new flavours too as a lot of children do like to copy and if it’s their choice all well and good.

    • The boys love doing this. I think its partly the joy of making your own food, but also a sensory thing for them. For me its great to see empty plates afterwards because they have loved eating as much as cooking!

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