New Movie Obsession for Matthew!


The World of Neil

One of Matthew’s ASD traits is his obsessive behaviour. One thing will grab his attention, and he’ll be at that over and over again. Movies are great for that, and with DVD, movie channels, Sky+ and now on demand, there’s the capability to do that obsession to death. Matthew’s condition means he can happily watch a film two or three times in a row on the same day and not get bored with it, only to repeat the process the next day.

The current obsession is Matilda. Its on again as we speak after having been watched twice yesterday. Matthew had seen it before during a visit to his cousins last year, where he watched DVDs constantly with his middle cousin. He remembers seeing the movie then, but that doesn’t stop him wanting to see it again and again.

Part of me thinks that the brain’s programming letting him…

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