Apsie, Operations & ASD Brother


The World of Neil

As you may know, Daniel is to have an operation to insert pins in his knees to correct a problem with the angle his joints are growing at following an appointment with osteopathy at the Children’s Hospital in Aberdeen. He’ll go in during the day, have the op then stay in over night for “pain management.” We’ve joked with him that it’ll be two days off school (which delights him!) then life will go on.

But since then, we’ve actually thought on what it will mean. First of all, its likely that Daniel will be off his feet for a lot longer than 2 days. Ordinarily, he’d be handed a pair of crutches and be left to hobble about. But given Daniel’s hyper mobility in his hands and elbows, which means his arms aren’t the strongest, will it be appropriate to give him crutches. So, early thought is, will he…

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