The Junk Cupboard.


I am sure every household has one, either a cupboard or a drawer where they keep things that don’t really have a proper home.     I have heard them called the man drawer, which I think is a great name, as we have a drawer in the kitchen which, whenever Hubby asks me where he should put something for safe keeping, the answer is “the drawer in the kitchen”.    Now we have 10 drawers in the kitchen but it doesn’t need to be identified any further for him to know where I mean.     There are all sorts of things in there from super glue, and shoe laces, to hot water bottles, and circuit breaker plugs, as well as many other things!

My problem is though that I am a hoarder.      I can’t bare to throw away anything that might come in useful.       I say that, but what I really been is I can’t bare to throw things away until I get to the point where I crack and have a good clear out!      I do actually blame my Dad for me having this mentality as he would say that everything comes in useful every seven years.      He would pick up rubber bands, and screws in the street, because one persons waste was another mans treasure.       I grew up picking up every screw or nail I saw anywhere, and have to stop myself doing it now because it was so in grained into me.

Today though was my day to tackle the three kitchen cupboards that are corners.      Two of them have carousels in them, and the third used to, but it broke, and I must say the cupboard is probably more useful without it.         These cupboards, I probably haven’t sorted out since this time last year, and it certainly showed.     It was a job I have been putting off and putting off, I hate doing them.   The silly thing is I am quite obsessive about cleaning the cupboards I store food in but these tend to get ignored.

I must admit I did procrastinate this morning, trying to think of any other job that could take priority, but unfortunately none came to mind!    I did however make a flapjack, a big bowl of semolina pudding, and a loaf of cheese and onion bread, but none of these took too long so I couldn’t put it off any longer.

The first cupboard contains pots and pans, and enough lids to open my own lid shop.     I don’t know why I have more lids than pans but I surely do.   The silly thing is I rarely use a proper lid on a pan, as I have one of these universal lids, that fits everything!    I therefore filled a box with all the lids I didn’t need.    I will put them to the charity shop as they may be useful to somebody.

One cupboard down, and that wasn’t so bad.

The next one was the one I keep my electrical equipment in – waffle maker, sandwich toaster, etc.      There were also two cupcake makers.     Why I would have two cupcake makers, I don’t know – one still being in its box!      I also found three old coffee makers, an ice-crusher, and a mini chopper I haven’t used since weaning the boys!      All removed from the cupboard, and hey presto and empty shelf.       The machines I was keeping were tidied away, and I have been able to put in a couple of things I leave out on the work surface because there was no room to store them anywhere.    The ones I don’t want to keep will be offered locally before going in the charity bag.

The last cupboard was the worst.     It is one where I open the door, and throw things in and shut it quickly before anything falls out.   It is the cupboard that contains the most useful, and yet the hardest to store thing in the kitchen, plastic tubs!        I always think tubs with fitting lids are useful, and so I keep them all.     The problem is when I go to need one, I can’t be bothered racking through the mountain to find the lid that fits!       I pulled them all out and filled two recycling buckets.       I then went about trying to match the boys water bottles with lids, and you would not be surprised to learn there was not the right combinations for a lot of them, so out they went.       The cupboard was looking bare!       It was a sight to behold!

My knees were sore, and my bum was dumb from sitting and kneeling on the cold kitchen floor, but I now have tidy cupboard with room to fill with more junk.    It serves me right for not wanting to throw things out as I go, but it feels wrong to do so.    I do however feel quite empowered knowing there is room in my cupboards!

I will sort out the work surfaces, maybe tomorrow and see what else I can find a new home in a cupboard.    Its been a while since I had room to even imagine doing that!



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