Ain’t No Complaining


The World of Neil

Although Daniel is generally healthy, he’s had a number of issues that on occasion affect his daily life. Of course, the key one is his Aspergers, which he was diagnosed with last year. That’s a diagnosis that will define his life, and put many obstacles and prejudice in his way. It affects his behaviour on a daily basis and can make all our lives “challenging” to say the least! I’ve posted many times about our adventures with Daniel, and its true to say that no two days are the same! But while we make our daily adjustments, Daniel doesn’t seem to let it bother him overly much. Of course, when he hits a meltdown, he can’t control it, and I think he’s frightened with what he experiences. But other than vocalising that, I’ve never really heard him complain about it.

Not only does he have his Aspergers to contend with…

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