Suicide Isn’t Painless


The World of Neil

Today is a big day for me, but a sad one. I will never forget 23 November 2003 as long as I live. At about 10am, one of my close friends phoned me at work. This was unusual as we normally “talked” by email. What was going on? He went on to drop as big a bombshell as was possible. My closest friend (I’d known him for nearly 25 years) hadn’t turned up at work that morning. Two of his colleagues were concerned and called the police. When they and the police got to his flat and gained entry they found my friend dead in his living room. My first reaction was to say “you’re kidding.” Even though no one would joke about it, the news was so incredibly awful that the first reaction was to not believe it. But it was true. My friend’s mum & dad had gone…

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