Emotional Day of the Doctor


Here’s to the next 50 years!

The World of Neil

For 40-odd years or so, I’ve loved Doctor Who. The build up to the 50th anniversary episode was mixed for me though. I’ve not liked some of the things Steven Moffat has done with the Doctor, so my excitement has been tinged with apprehension. But the last week has swept me along, and I was so excited about The Day of the Doctor. But, would Moffat do it justice? Well, I needn’t have worried.

The story was an excellent one, with a superb mix of the Zygons (from one of my favourite storied featuring the “Dream Team” of Tom Baker, Lis Sladen, Ian Marter and Nicholas Courtney) and the Daleks (it had to be.) Moffat’s re-visiting of the Time War was a masterstroke and again it demonstrated how the Doctor is better than us. He may be alien, but time and time again, he displays such humanity (refusing to commit…

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