What’s in a name?


While tidying the freezer yesterday, I found a slab of puff pastry. I thought perfect to make a few mince pies, so I took it out to defrost.

Today I decided to make them. The pastry was very crumbly, I think it must have been in the freezer for too long. I managed to roll it out, and cut it into rounds. I filled with my bargain of January when I bought three huge jars of mince meat reduced to 10p each, but dated until May 2014! I eggy washed them and dipped in Demerara sugar.

They went into the oven, but did not rise. They browned nicely – they are not as well fired as they look in the picture, and the sugar went crunchy.

I therefore decided I had not made mince pies, but instead made Christmas biscuits.

Old Person and the boys have devoured them – neither Hubby or I like dried fruit.

This kind of reminds me of when I was little, and every time a cake went wrong it ended up in a bowl covered in lashings of custard! It doesn’t matter if something looks pretty when it has yellow goodness poured over it. I must admit though I do always think of custard as something to mask a mistake and not something of choice!

I know I will never be able to repeat the Christmas biscuits, but I wont worry about it. I will buy some fresh puff pastry to make the next batch of pies!


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