Bacon bread.


This has to be the ultimate in tear and share bread, because after all, nothing can’t be improved by adding bacon to it.

It is simple to make, so that even the non-bakers would be able to do this.

You need to first make your dough –

500g strong white flour

2 tsp salt

7g sachet fast-action yeast

3 tbsp olive oil

300ml water

Mix the flour, salt and yeast in a large bowl.

Add the oil and water, and mix well.

Knead until smooth – about 5 minutes.

Leave to rise for 1 hour until doubled in size.

Or, if you don’t feel confident, buy a bread mix packet!

Now, while this is rising, prepare the delights to go into it!

Chop and lightly fry 12 rashers of bacon.       Drain in on paper after it is cooked, as you don’t want it too greasy.

If you like onion in it, dice an onion – I do half with and half without so the boys don’t complain!

And you’ll also need about 4oz of grated cheese, whatever you like, I use a cheddar and mozzarella mix..

You will also need about 3 tabs of a sauce, either tomato, or olive oil, or sweet chilli, or anything you fancy!     This really is a recipe to customise your way!     It needs this moistness to bind it, so experiment with flavours you like.

Once the dough has risen, roll it out, and cut it into 1″ squares – or if you have a life, tear it into small bits!

Now combine everything in a large bowl so that it is coated and the cheese and bacon are not clumped together.

Arrange in a 9″ cake tin, making sure the bacon is spread through the mix.

Cover with cling film, and leave to double in size.

Bake at 180c for about 15 mins.

This is great just as it is with some additional sauce to dunk it in, or is fab with soup.

If you love bacon, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t, then give it a go!   You may need to double the quantities, as it really is moreish!

This is a recipe my Mum has made on and off over the years, but this is probably the first time it has ever been written down!


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