Docs again!


I was off to the doctors AGAIN today.

When you are young and can’t wait to get older, you don’t think about things starting to go wrong.    But go wrong they certainly do.

Before the children, I rarely, if ever went to the doctors, but since them, I seem to have started falling apart fast!

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with early signs of arthritis in my knees.    I had a course of acupuncture, and was told to get used to the pain, but if it got any worse, to go back to my GP.    Well, the last few weeks, I have been more and more aware of the pain, and normal over the counter painkillers don’t seem to touch it, so I gave in and made an appointment with the doctors.

The doctor was a 13-year-old locum – another sign I’m getting old I think that these sort of people look so young!       She was matchstick thin, and so I was expecting the lose weight speech from her.    I was however shocked by what she said after I gave her my background history to my knees.     She asked if anything had changed in my life that could have caused the flare up, and I said I was trying to lose weight, and she actually said loosing weight could set them off, as it is a change of pressure on the joint!    Now I never thought I would hear a doctor telling me something like that!         She advised if I was doing exercise then swimming was probably the best as the water takes the strain.      She was going to give me some anti-inflamitories, until I mentioned my stomach, and then she read the notes about that.      After a bit of thought she decided upon a gel to apply 4 times a day – so if you’re in the supermarket and you see me  and I lift the leg of my trousers, then don’t be surprised as its gel time!        She also suggest I self refer to the physis at the surgery, as some exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee might ease some of the pain – anything is worth a try.       She then talked about if this wasn’t enough, there were other possibilities such as acupuncture or steroid injections, and ultimately knee replacements!     Good to know they are looking at the long-term for me.

I left their happy she had listened to me, and willing to try anything to stop them feeling so achy.     Time will tell if the gel does the trick.

When I was first diagnosed with the arthritis I wasn’t overly shocked, as my Mum was crippled with it from her 40’s and had her first hip replacement in her 50’s.    She is now waiting for her 5th one, and she also has both knees done.   She is the bionic lady!   The pain of arthritis, while something I hadn’t experience before, it was something I was aware of, and therefore something I don’t intend to put up with if there is another option.   My Mum  wasn’t keen to take tablets when she first became aware of it, and ended up house bond for months while she waited for her first op, as the pain was too much for her.        I have no intention of going down that route.    While I’m not keen on taking tablets, I would rather pop a few pills than walk around, or hobble around in agony.

This family history of arthritis, got me thinking as to if D’s hyper-mobility is related.   I think this is something I need to research as I have read there is connections between the two things but never before really put them together in our circumstance.

In the mean time, I will rub in the gel and hope to be running around like a 2-year-old again soon – oh no, they are two steps forward and one fall down, so maybe that’s not such a good idea!


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      • That’s so true but it would be nice if it came in smaller doses. We help street animals here in Turkey and this last week has been really busy! we lost the fight to save one lovely kitten even with drips and medication and from there we have three at my daughters, one here, and just had a cry for help with two dogs that are hurt! I would like one at a time but it never goes like that. Like you say ‘you just have to deal what is thrown at you!’

      • You sound snowed under!

        As far as my medical dilemmas go, I have another hospital appointment next week about my tonsils! Hopefully next year will be healthier!

  1. I think your approach sounds very sensible. You just have to manage it the best you can. Still, it is a horrible thing to live with.

    I met a lady with hypermobility related arthritis once. Do you have hypermobility?

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