In-Service Days.


Every years there are two in-service days from school in November. In-Service days are what we used to call teacher training days.

I think every parent I have ever spoken to thinks these are the worst placed days in the whole school year. The kids have only been back to school for two weeks after the October holidays where they had two weeks off, and its only just over a month before they break up for Christmas. In my humble opinion it would make far more sense to tag them onto the October holidays, it would make life easier having it all in one lump, and surely would ease the teachers back into it easier! My other thought would be to have them later in the month when there is more to do as more Christmas things have started, but no.

There is so little to do during the second week of November. The boys were asked what they would like to do in the local area – remembering Hubby didn’t have the time off. They put their heads together and asked if I would take them to the garden centre in Stonehaven that Old person and I often go to for lunch as we are always telling them how great the food is there. We therefore had lunch out today at the Kirkton Garden Centre – It was lovely as usual, and the boys enjoyed their lunch, and half of mine!

We then went to the play park in Stonehaven. It was a beautiful Autumnal day, with the sun shining, but the wind coming off the sea made it feel freezing after a while. We couldn’t resist going to visit Aunty Betty. Aunty Betty is no relation – although Hubby does have an Aunty Betty! No, this aunty Betty is the best ice-cream shop – The flavour choice has all the classics and a few special ones, all served with a flake, oh, and a wafer, and jazzies, marshmallows, and a sweetie! It might have been cold, but you have to visit Aunty Betty if you are there – I actually believe it is the law,

Roll on Wednesday and back to school for the boys, and back to the diet for me,



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  1. Lovely sky behind you, and those are lovely pictures of you both. Garden centres are always good for lunch or a cake with the family. Glad you have a play park nearby too.

    I always used to wonder why there were in-service days every October – it turns out that that is when the performance management cycle starts in England and teachers and managers spend the whole day rushing around between meetings to set their objectives.

    Apart from that one, they are usually at the beginning or end of every term and we don’t have any in November.

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