Bathroom, near as finished!


I have near as I can, finished decorating the bathroom. I say near as, because I would like to regrout the floor and wall tiles, but it’s not a priority, just an I want!

The ceiling is a pale blue. You actually have to look closely to see its blue to be honest. The panels have a wood grain texture which shows through so makes a really nice effect.

The wood work I have done a mid-blue gloss paint. I didn’t want to do it white as I thought it would be too bright. When I had done it, I did worry it was a little too vivid but does actually works nicely now it has all come together. I liked the colour so much I broke from what I was doing in the bathroom to paint the boys window ledge and frame!

The paper I actually think really looks good. I know they say self praise is no recommendation but there you have it!

This evening the plumber came to look about installing the new shower. He says its a quick job so will squeeze us in next week. He has come highly recommended to us so hopefully won’t be as Jesse James as the guy who fitted the last one, creating the stairwell waterfall! I can’t wait for it to be done as its just not so easy trying to rinse thick hair in the bath.

I am really happy with the way the room now looks. As I say, there are little extra jobs, but nothing urgent. Instead I need to get as many of my half jobs finished around the house before getting into the Christmas preparations.


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  1. Looks pretty! Well done! I find a problem with decorating is it highlights the bits you aren’t so pleased with, such as the regrouting. BUT in a few days time, you will have got used to the newness and differentness and everything will just blend together in your eye and you will appreciate it more. That’s what I have found anyway.

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