Hubby’s day off.


Hubby works flexi-hours which means every now and again he takes a random day off to use up accrued hours, so he will lose them as only so many can be carried forward in each period.      They are allowed to take a maximum of 2 full days off due to flexi-time each month, so it can actually be quite handy if there is something that needs doing.   It means not wasting annual leave for trivial things.

He had been talking over the weekend about he had plenty of hours at the moment and was thinking about a day off.     I hadn’t actually expected it to come about quite so unannounced as it was this morning!

He usually gets up and out the house before 6am.    Some days I will see him go, but others if I am lucky, I will sleep through his departure and not be sure he has gone until I feel his pillow!

Last night he was watching the NFL on the telly and I had to tell him to switch it off or at least turn the volume down about 1am as he was giving me restless sleep.   I don’t understand the mentality of staying up so late when you know you have to get up the following morning, but that’s probably just me!    Needless to say a late night led to him in no hurry to get up this morning.    I asked if he was alright, as he was sounding full of cold and I wondered if he was actually feeling poorly rather than just lazy!      He was fine, but just couldn’t be bothered getting up – the joy of flexi-time!       Half an hour of the boys jumping on him meant he decided to ring his boss and ask for the day off.      She said yes, and I think at this point, Hubby was imagining a nice gentle day!      I do sometimes wonder if he thinks all I do is drink tea with my feet up all day – I wish!

After the boys were dropped off at school, he said he was going to have a look at tidying up the garden.    Little did he realize that meant getting it prepared for winter in my books.      I therefore sorted the laundry and then changed the jobs I had planned for the day, to help him, or should that be supervised him?   Either way!!!!

I think next time he decides a last-minute day off, he might think again after the amount I have had him doing today.

Now all the trees around us have shed their leaves, he sucked them all up with his blowy/sucky machine – I’m sure that is the technical name for it!      6 black sacks later!

We then pruned the roses, moved the garden furniture, weeded, racked the grass – it was too wet to cut, and brushed the path.

We were so engrossed in what we were doing, that it was lucky a friend of ours went to pick up her grandson from nursery and walked past just before midday, or I might have been late picking M up for lunch.

Hubby has worked so hard – and so I have I!!      It was an extremely productive day, and will mean a trip to the skip to drop off all of the garden waste.    The sad thing is that yes it looks tidied, but it definitely doesn’t look like two people worked at it almost the whole day!      My aching back though says we have!

I think he will be glad to get back to work for a rest, and I know his boss will think it funny that he didn’t get a lazy day but has instead done a full day of manual labour!


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  1. Oh, my goodness, the autumn leaf clean-up us such a dreaded time for us. We have a large front and back yard full of very mature trees, generally running to 40 or so bags. Luckily (for us lazy sods) our city no longer picks up bagged leaves so our best alternative is just to mulch. Much faster, and since I’m prohibited from running the precious lawn mower I’m absolved of responsibility! 🙂 -Amy

    • I often wish we had a larger garden, but don’t think I would be bothered with the extra work involved. Unless I had the means for a gardener!!! Oh well, I can dream!

  2. Flexi is great. My dad used to have it when he worked and because he has no hobbies he used to accrue great lumps of it and then hang around the house at a loose end for a few days because he *had* to take them off.

    Wish I had flexi! It’s lovely to be able to spend some time with your partner, even if you are just doing housy things together.

    Well done both of you for such a productive day.

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