Elderly Decline, and the Impact on ASD Kids…


The World of Neil

When Jane decided to move up here, we made the decision for her mum to come up too. She was in her late 70s, and wouldn’t have managed on her on. As it is, she barely eats unless Jane makes her something. Often when we’ve been on holidays, we’ll come back to find hardly anything eaten, so moving her up here was a fairly easy decision to make. In some ways, its been helpful. Before Matthew and Daniel were with us, there wasn’t so much need for help. Jane & I both worked full time, but the ironing and cleaning would be done, so it was great. There was also someone to look after the house when Jane & I were away on holiday. Then Matthew and 19 months later Daniel came along.

Initially Jane got a fair amount of help. Grandparents can be a huge help to any parent…

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