School Disco


Last night was the school Hallowe’en disco.

It seemed a bit strange to do it on the first day back to school. Usually school discos are on a Thursday, but with Thursday being Hallowe’en I imagine they thought the kids would be out begging, so moved it to Monday.

D was really excited. He loves social occasions as long as they are on his terms. He would only be going if he was sure is best friend was going – but I know he would have been really upset to have decided not to go. Luckily he was going, so it was full steam ahead for D.

The disco note Β had come out towards the end of last term, so I had time to look around for a costume for him. Being an odd shape, dressing him in normal clothes is hard enough, but to find him something that was fancy dress was proving impossible. Costumes have to not just look good, but have to serve a multi purpose. They have to make him feel comfortable – now that might be a strange thing to say, but D is very aware of his size and shape so anything he wears must not feel too snug for him. He must be able to get to the loo – one of D’s biggest panic fears is wetting himself. His trousers have to have a hook and clip fastening so he can un do them easily as a button is too fiddly for his bendy fingers – it might help if he didn’t wait until he was totally desperate before thinking about going, but that’s a totally different story! Most costume you can buy seem to be all in ones, which is great for the look but definitely not good for toilet breaks! The final thing that a costume has to have is noise reduction – so it needs a hat or a hood to block out too much background noise. So you see, my task was anything but an easy one. I should be so lucky as to walk into Asda and just pick something up off the shelf.

I trolled the internet trying to find something at a reasonable price but had no luck. that is until I ended up on dear old eBay. After looking at various brilliant fancy dress costumes, I saw the Dalek and knew that my search was completed. I made my bid and waited! I won it!

A few days later it arrived, and I handed the parcel to D and said it was something for him. He opened it, and screamed the house down with delight. He wore it the rest of that day! M tried it on, and to be honest it didn’t look as good because D’s roundness gave the costume structure. To say D was happy was a understatement.

Last night, his disco was at 5pm, so it was home from school, a snack and get ready. He wore black trousers and long-sleeved shirt under it, and I think he looked amazing. He was really happy and as we walked up to the school, he kept pressing the button to “exterminate” everyone we saw.

As we queued to get in, the amount of people who told him how good he looked, had him beaming. One of the teachers on the door, wanted to know where I had got it from as she had a daughter who would have liked it!

Afterwards Hubby picked him up, and he was a little miffed that he had not won best costume – I suppose there wasn’t much to his outfit. He said his class teacher had asked him if they did them in her size!!

He had a brilliant evening and was ready for his fish pie when he got in. We always have fish pie on school disco nights. I think I did it the first one M went to many years ago, and so it has become the norm and it is now expected!

M didn’t go to his disco. He said he didn’t want to as it was too loud for him at the last one he went to. I am happy he said this, rather than going and ending up with a meltdown because he hadn’t enjoyed it. Also, he doesn’t really like dressing up. He isn’t bothered about others in costume, it’s just not something he wants to do too often.


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