Back to school.


Today is back to school day for the boys.

Big sigh of relief for that one!

Now, don’t get me wrong, as I love having the boys around.   We always find fun things to do, and on the whole we enjoy ourselves.    It’s just these short holidays just screw with them totally.

M has actually coped a lot better than he has done in the past with the break.   I can only assume that is because we have kept busy and therefore he has had plenty of structure to the holidays.

D on the other hand seems to have found them far more stressful than he usual does.    He has been quite explosive, even by his standards!     It may have been the extra attention M has had due to his birthday, who knows?

I suppose it has been as if the boys have swapped roles during the two weeks!

Anyway, yesterday was all about getting themselves organised for the impending return today.       I know when I was a kid I would hate the day before back to school.    It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go back to school – although that was part of it as I didn’t enjoy school, but it was the endless list of organising things that had to be done.        My boys though were quite happy to get on with most jobs to be ready this morning.

M did insist on sitting down and writing a list of all the things that needed to be done, just to make sure we didn’t forget anything!      I actually think, that like me, he likes crossing things off the list – there is something very satisfying about a piece of paper with every item scored out on it, don’t you think?

We searched for school bags – how they can walk from the place they live is beyond me, but M’s had somehow ended up under a pile of things on the toy shelves!       D was very anxious that we could not find his pencil-case as one of the things he enjoys doing is sharpening all the pencils.    We hunted high and low for it, but couldn’t find it.    He had no recollection of if it had come home at the end of the last term.      This morning, one of his girlfriends said she had found it in her bag, and would return it to him in class!      If he had a better memory, life would be so much easier!

The boys bathed, and hair washed.    This was M’s most hated thing on the list.   He can be in the water for hours without thinking of putting shampoo on his hair or soaping a scrunchie into his pits!        Anyway, after a lot of moaning I had two beautifully clean babies!

Then came the worst task of all.   Cutting nails!     You’d think at their age, they would be used to me doing it, but no, there has to be arguments, and discussions about how I can only do finger nails, despite toenails being two miles long!     As soon as I pick up the clippers, the owing starts and doest finish until the last one is cut!       The boys don’t like me doing it, and I must say with all their mithering, it’s not something I enjoy doing!

Uniforms were taken out and placed on the radiator.      The boys love it when we get into winter and the heating is on, because it means they have warm pants to put on in the morning!

We made pack lunches.    This is something I have got the boys involved with, partly because they like helping in the kitchen, but more importantly, if they have seen what has gone into the bag, then there is no excuse to say they didn’t like it and therefore didn’t eat it at school!     There is always method in my madness!

Getting them to settle down at a reasonable time was hard work, as we had been having some later bedtimes over the holiday.    During term time though, its only late nights on Friday and Saturday.        Getting them to understand that last night counted as a school night despite not actually starting back until today caused some confused arguments!       We settled down to watch the Strictly Come Dancing results show and then it was off to bed.       Surprisingly after all the arguments about what time they would settle down, they were both snoring quite quickly!

All seemed organised and going to plan, until M appeared at 2:23am.    He was as bright as a button, happily telling me to look at the clock to see how well he had slept!      In my half asleep state I tried to put him back to bed, but he was having none of it, as he was ready to start the day.    I managed to get him into our bed and he was back to sleep before 3am.    I on the other hand didn’t get much more sleep as I was kicked and pushed for the rest of the night!       He woke again when Hubby got up about 5am, but actually went back to sleep until just gone 7am!

D on the other hand took some coaxing to wake!     For some reason he wakes really early when there is no reason to get up, but on school day he is happy to sleep on!     He eventually crawled downstairs and had to wolf down his breakfast as time was getting short!

It is interesting to see how D changes on school days.    He is his usual loud self, until we leave the house, when he starts to clam up.   He can start walking normally but his pace gets slower and he gets quieter the closer we get to the gates.    I could understand it more if he didn’t like school, but he loves learning and thinks the world of his teacher.

They both went in and peace is restored, as the world starts turning at a more organised pace.

Then I got home and looked at the bomb site that is a house that hasn’t been cleaned or tidied properly for 2 weeks, and wished my babies were here again, as I don’t see the mess when they are enjoying themselves!


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  1. I really enjoyed your description of a happy family getting along with life together. It’s not that you make light of the difficulties, it’s just that the love you all have for each other, and your positivity shines through it all.

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