A Very Merry Unbirthday.


Do you remember the song from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland?      A very Merry unbirthday to you.      when I was little I used to think this was a really nasty song, as I miss heard the lyrics and the wrong ones stayed with me until I was probably in my 20’s when the penny dropped!       You see, I had heard the lyrics as A very unmerry birthday.     I therefore thought the Madder Hatter was being horrible.   The film is therefore one of my least favourite Disney movies as a direct result of it!

Anyway, yesterday was M’s Unbirthday.     We had said to him that because we were away for his real birthday, then we would have a family day on the Saturday after we got home to open presents and have a birthday tea.    He was quite understanding about this, and in fact quite excited about getting two days that were about him.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I would have been desperate to open my presents as soon as I got home, but not M.    He didn’t even mention his presents on Friday until bedtime when he said he was excited about the next day and his Unbirthday.

Saturday morning, D was singing the song to him, and I was surprised to hear he knew all the lyrics – http://www.stlyrics.com/lyrics/aliceinwonderland/theunbirthdaysong.htm as, because of my dislike of the film, it’s not one he’s seen in this house!!!!     M though was quite reserved and waited for everyone to come downstairs before he attempted to open even a card!

He was very excited by all he received, including a guitar, which is something he has wanted to learn for a long time.   Hubby said he would learn with him as he had always wanted to learn too.    Both of them, no, all three of my boys took turns during the day to strum away – I finally got a go just before the boys bedtime!      I was sick to death of the sound but I am really pleased he enjoyed it!

Hubbys Mum demanded to be picked up to come over for the afternoon as M’s present was too big for her to carry on the bus.     D and Hubby trekked across town to get her.   M wasn’t happy at not going, but I told him the truth that she was bringing his present and she wanted to wait until she was here to surprise him.      His face was a picture when he saw what she had got him.   It was the one thing he had been asking for, for over a year, because I had said it was something you couldn’t have until you were 8.   It was a Darth Maul skateboard.       The look on his face was amazing as he hugged it.    She had the sense to get him pads to wear.    He did look funny in his PJ’s with knee, elbow and wrist straps, skateboarding along the passage!     He managed to move a little but it will take a lot of practise before he’s moving any distance!

He also received money and vouchers from a couple of people.    Now, I’m not moaning, but I think for a kid, it’s a bit of a non-present.      He’s not old enough to really have things that he wants to save up for.     All he wants on a regular basis is his weekly magazine, and now, Old Person has bought him a subscription to his Ninja Turtle Magazine, so he doesn’t even need to spend his pocket-money on that.      He says he will save his two £10 notes for his next holiday, and I believe he will not touch it as he has made that decision.

The voucher he received was for Argos – not a store you can browse but if you know what you want.    Luckily from his cousins he received some Star Wars characters that interact with the I-pad – the problem there is the I-pad is D’s so he’s having to beg to get to use it.     Hubby looked up to see if Argos sold additional sets of these character and they did, a set of 6 for £10 – his voucher is for £20.      He was very excited and they actually went for a walk this morning to go and get them – Argos is one of the handful of shops in our town.     He is made up, saying he has spent his money wisely!

Back to Saturday.     The boys played on the skateboard or with the guitar all afternoon, while the Old People sat on the sofa complaining about who had the most things wrong with them!      Hubbys Mum has been quite poorly lately but she sees going to the doctors as visiting with an old friend and therefore doesn’t get to the bottom of her ailments – she does then moan constantly about getting nothing done but gets very angry when you suggest she visits a different doctor in the practise!

We ordered Chinese for tea.    There is a Chinese in the town, but the one that delivers from a few miles over does a far more interesting set menu, that lets you choose your mains, so its worth the £2 delivery charge!        Everyone tucked in and enjoyed it – even the Old People.    And there is enough left over for today!

M then had a second birthday cake.   This one was an Angry Bird, and he was very excited by it.    M doesn’t like jam.   The very mention of the word has him shuddering, and yet, he is happy to munch on a jam and cream sponge!     I have said it before, I have weird children!

M went to bed a happy wee man having had a very exciting Unbirthday.     It had been so exciting, that he was being sick within half and hour of settling down.       It wasn’t illness sickness, just too much excitement and nervous energy and his body reacted the only way it knew how to.    He doesn’t remember being sick, and it was only when I took a wet Jimmy out of the washing machine that he asked why he had been in the bath overnight!

That’s the birthdays over and done with for the year, now to turn our attention to Christmas.


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  1. Sounds like the old people are a good sight more difficult to please than the young people in your household.

    Magazine subscription is a nice idea for a present. Glad M got his skateboard and guitar and is excited about learning some new tricks and skills.

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