Big Day on Monday.


I am really excited about Monday.   It is a day I have waited for, for a long time.

No, I am not that bad a mother to be overly excited about the boys going back to school after their two weeks off, but that is quite a plus point for it!

My excitement comes from it being dentist day.       I know I am strange to be excited to be going to the dentist but I am because I have been having a lot of treatment this year, and Monday should finally mark an end to it all.

I have terrible teeth.    I always have had.     They are crumbly and therefore break quite easily.   When I was young my parents gave me fluoride tablets to help strengthen them, and I don’t know if that has actually made them worse.

Because of always having had teeth problems, going to the dentist has never been a problem to me.    The way I see it, if I am in pain, he makes the pain go away – even if there is short-term discomfort from the treatment he administers.

I think if I had put all the money I have spent on my teeth over the years into a savings account, I would have quite a tidy nest egg by now.

When I moved up here, it was very difficult to get a dentist, but I finally got one the other side of the city.   Unfortunately they were more butcher than carer and I just couldn’t go.   The hospital has a really good emergency dental service and I have used that a couple of times.

Then just over a year ago the dentist surgery near to us expanded and took on new NHS patients.    I went along, and had to have a fair bit of patching up of cracked and chipped teeth done.   The problem was the dentist didn’t do it with much care and I ended up in more pain.    Luckily I went for an emergency appointment, and could only see the another dentist and he wasn’t impressed with what was going on inside my mouth, so he did the immediate work and I had to make another appointment to get the rest of the work needed assessed.          There was almost £3000 worth of work needed doing to put right what was wrong with my teeth.      I queried why the other dentist didn’t see the need for any of this, and was just told some older dentists just like to fix the immediate problem rather than look at the long-term problems.         He told me he would have to get authorisation to do the work due to the amount of it, as under the NHS there is a maximum amount a patient should pay for treatment, so I only pay just under £400.

The authorisation came through and my work began at the start of January.       I have had fillings, root canals, crowns, and an upper and lower partial dentures made.     It has been a long process, but hopefully he will get the last tooth built up on Monday and then I can smile again.

The one thing about the dentures is that it is really good for my diet, as it is impossible to eat with!  How to people do it?

Anyway, I have not got to make sure I keep the remaining teeth.     I will be honest, and say I don’t like cleaning my teeth, but do it because I know the importance of it – and I do use my terrible teeth as an example to the boys!

I was looking about to see what toothpaste I should use to look after all the work in my mouth when I saw a posting to test some new toothpaste that is meant to look after your gums.     I thought it sounded interesting and so have been giving it a go.

The Oral-B Pro-Expert Premium Gum Protection toothpaste was what I have been using.     It has a slightly grainy texture, and a tingle mint flavour, that actually left my mouth feeling clean – I know that sounds silly but I find some toothpaste leave such an after taste I don’t like the sensation.

The bumf that comes with the toothpaste talks about that a lot of teeth problems actually stem from poor gum health.    I was surprised to read that a lot of women actually develop problems with their gums during pregnancy – not one of the risks you are told about regularly.

Because I am worried about the boys dental health, because of how bad mine is, I have talked to them about their gums and how cleaning their teeth is about cleaning their whole mouth, teeth, gums, and tongue.        They still need supervision when cleaning their teeth, otherwise they would just suck the toothpaste from brush.      I therefore am happy to impart all information to them about possible things that could go wrong.    They do take information on board so hopefully thinking about all the elements of oral hygiene might motivate them more.

I enjoyed the flavour of the toothpaste, and will be buying it again.

This post is an entry for BritMums’   #ORALBLoveYourGums Challenge sponsored by Oral-B, promoting healthy gums – something especially important for pregnant
women. Get tips and advice on        I received the toothpaste to test from BritMums and I am really pleased I did, as I will be buying it again.


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  1. Doesn’t seem like two weeks since the holidays began.

    We had a terrible dentist for a few years. I’d just moved in, and he was local. But he was a bit brutal – tried to drill the kids’ teeth without an injection. A subsequent dentist was horrified to hear that.

    Glad your teeth seem to be settling down and you can see an end to it all for the time being.

  2. All the best for today. Love how you are using your adverse experiences to help your children have good dental health. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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