Heading Home!


It is always sad to come to the end of a holiday.

The boys are mopping around like the world is in fact ending. Every holiday is the same. We make great effort to explain to them how many days we will be away but it never actually helps them to understand.

I have found the downside of having the lodge rather than a caravan, and that is the same thing I was praising when we arrived. The amount of space. When we stay in a caravan we tend to live out of the bags we bring the clothes in, but with plenty of cupboards and drawers we unpacked. It has been lovely to have easy access to everything. However this morning I have opened over a dozen cupboards and 2 dozen drawers. It has taken ages to ensure I have checked we have everything. I think we haven’t left anything behind.

Hubby is loading everything back into the car while the boys shower and chill.

The boys already are talking about coming back here during the Easter break. I think that means they’ve enjoyed the holiday. The staff here are amazing and have ensured everyone has had a good time.

At a place like this it is the entertainment leaders that are really the face of the company and the boys know them by name as they have directly interacted with them but a park like this is so much more than that. My boys believe in swimming every day when away and they couldn’t do that without the life guards – many of who D in particular spoke to especially when using the high slide. There are also the staff who maintain the slot machines – winning tickets to exchange for prizes is important. The boys happily speak to these guys when a machine jams. Then there are the food court staff, the security, the cleaners – everywhere was always clean. It is an amazing army of people that ensure an operation like this runs smoothly. I thank them all for their hard work which makes 2 wee men happy- and happy kids mean happy parents.

We will be looking at deals for next year when we get home because an all round package like this means we can do as much or as little as we see fit. It is a great environment for the boys.

Now to face the trek home!


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