Birthday tea!


M had a lovely birthday.

He got wished a Happy Birthday by Bradley the Bear. The Funstars said to him if he didn’t want to go up to the stage he didn’t have to. He did choose to go up but it took its toll and he was in tears afterwards. I was however very proud of him for making himself do it.

We let him choose the activities for the day, and so the boys learned circus skill – both of them mastered the diabolo really quickly, but got quite frustrated by the juggling and plate spinning. They then attended the indoor picnic and Punch and Judy show. The afternoon was spent in the swimming pool.

For tea M chose Papa Johns pizza. He had been saying all week that was what he wanted for his birthday tea. It didn’t let him down and they loved their BBQ chicken pizza, without onion of course!

I had taken a cake with us so he had a candle to blow out.

It was a long full day and they both fell asleep without rocking! D actually went to sleep on the sofa so we just covered him up and left him there!

My highlight of the day was just before we left the evening show, M threw his arms around my neck and said “Mama I love you. I love you a real lot. “. It bought tears to my eyes as it isn’t something he finds easy to say.

I am glad my baby had a good day, even though my baby is growing up so fast.


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