Haggerston Castle


The boys have been mega excited about their week away to Havens Haggerston Castle for ages.

We had first visited here at Easter time and loved it so much had decided to come back for the October holidays.      We have made a thing of coming away at this time of year because it makes M’s birthday into something special and as he can’t cope with parties he just gets to be made to feel important with the family.

Haggerston Castle is near Berwick-upon- Tweed, so it is a half days drive for us.    Far enough to feel we are away but not so far that I am fed up with driving by the time we get there – I do the driving because I get car sick as a passenger and Hubby is happy to let me!

Our first stop on any holiday south is IKEA in Edinburgh for breakfast.    I am sure the boys believe it is a cafe that sells furniture on the side!     It is a couple of hours from home, and so is a perfect stop point and getting 4 full breakfasts with drinks for under a tenner can’t be complained about!

We then hit the road again arriving at Haven about 1:30pm.    We were a little early for check in but chanced out arm and were able to book in.

We had gone for a mid range caravan as it is a good size for us to spread out our junk.   However we had been up graded, to a luxury caravan.     It was as far to the end of the park as possible but luxury is an understatement.     It is in a key controlled gated area so none of the riff raff come in, and about twice the size of any caravan we have ever stayed in.   Luxury is certainly the word.   Two ensuite bedrooms – one shower and one bath, a living room as big as mine at home, and a dishwasher in the kitchen and free wifi.  To quote M, “this is well too posh for us!”.   I find myself agreeing with him.

We went swimming in the afternoon and it is a lovely pool.    It definitely got us into the holiday mood.

After a quick relax and freshen up it was off to the show to see the Seaside Squad.    Then to play the machines to win tickets to exchange at the end of the week.    The boys know which machines are the best ones to win lots from and head straight for them!

We ordered take away for tea which was actually supper time by the time we ate it!

The boys were refusing to give in but when persuaded into bed were snoring instantly.

I flopped into bed, only to discover the luxury ended at the mattress which was as hard as in the cheapey caravan.   Ho hum, I have to find something to moan about!


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